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Obsidian Crane's Warlord Painting Log

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Ok well now that my first army is painted up I figured I would start a thread for it.


So here is my Necropolis force, all the models are Bones figures.


Necropolis: 999 points

Troop 1

1 Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars + Magic Weapon

1 Naomi, Mistress of Wings (Proxy) + Phylactery

1 Bat Swarm

2 Skeletal Archer

2 Skeletal Swordman

2 Skeletal Spearmen

2 Chattel (Proxy)


Troop 2

1 Elsabeth Briarkiss (Proxy) + Magic Weapon

2 Skeletal Swordsman

2 Skeletal Archer

2 Skeletal Spearman

2 Chattel


Troop 3

1 Railor the Unbodied

6 Zombie


Troop 4

3 Gargoyle (77028×3)


Troop 5

Kaena, Banshee (Proxy: LaBella deMornay)


Army Item - Luck Stone


Complete Force



Judas & Naomi (Dark Elf Queen Proxy)



Elsabeth Briarkiss (Proxy) & Chattel (Proxy)



Railor the Unbodied



Kaena, Banshee (Proxy: LaBella deMornay)


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Yup, Bones has made Warlord a LOT more accessible for people.  My (unpainted) Crusader army for the Reapercon tournament is less than $60 retail, and considering that all but 8 models came out of my two Vampire boxes, cost considerably less.  I am working on several other small armies to demo warlord at the FLGS... so hopefully the player base will continue to grow!

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