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Dungeon Saga


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Link to the kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/dungeon-saga-the-dwarf-kings-quest?mobile=0


Some postings from the Mantic Forum:

1. Dwarf Kings Hold IV is the next Mantic kickstarter and is tentatively scheduled to begin late July 2014, KOW skirmish game next year set in a castle.


2. Ok KoW skirmish will be warband based with each being made up of 5 troops a Heavy/ bruiser and a legendary hero leading. It will be played on multilevel terrain representing a castle/fortress. The new DKH will be based on cardboard tiles but with plastic scenery such as tables, chairs and chests etc. This time the good guys play an adventuring party, which is the sculpts in the pictures dwarf fighter, human barbarian, elf bow woman and a human mage. The opposition is undead with new skeletons, armoured zombies and zombie troll mentioned. There will be 2 ways to play the 1st is specific scenarios telling the story during these characters will find upgrade weapons in a set manner and also learn new skills and become legandary as per the script so to speak.


3. Re: KOW Skirmish Game However thanks to lobbying by stew & other internal parties ronnie has agreed to produce a book/expansion that lets you design/lvl and equip your characters as you see fit using a points system, they are also going to provide points values for every kow miniature/creature in the mantic range so they can also be used.


4. Re: Armoured zombies in DKH IV: They specifically confirmed a zombified basilian paladin, also not sure if they were joking but zombie dwarfs were mentioned.


Prototype miniatures are a 4 man adventuring party for DKH IV.

Human Male Barbarian w/ axe front, Elf Female Ranger/Archer w/ bow left, Human Male Wizard w/ staff right, Human Male paladin/knight w/ sword rear




Dwarf Adventurer w/ war hammer and lantern and halfling/hobbit w/ bag and short sword?




Armoured Undead Basilian Paladin work in progress.



Ghost or shade type monster.



Zombie w/ club



Zombie unarmed


quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Darklord viewpost-right.png

Just in from the Open day, DKH KS has been brought forward to July/August this year!


There's some lovely new models, including Undead Dwarves and Basileans! Also ideal for KoW of course.


The DKH KS will be $95, for the game, which includes an advanced book with campaign rules, plus rules for every model in KoW, go forth and raid goblin dungeons, elves, whatever you like.


It won't be hard plastic tiles but rather very good quality cardboard ones, possibly reverseable.


I saw a goblin on a big lizard. Photo's will follow on later unless anyone beats me to it. smile.png



Found more Open Day 2014 DKH photos here: http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk...-open-day.html


Perhaps box cover art? You'll notice the Troll Shaman (wearing a skull mask?) on the left. Our intrepid heroes kitted out exactly like the sculpts seen in this threads original post standing in the center surrounded by a horde on undead Skeletons Zombies and rats.



Troll Shaman?



Necromancer raising the undead.




Dwarf Adventurer



Rock Chucking Undead Troll?



Zombie? w/ club




Left to Right: Halfling, Dwarf, Zombie, Undead Troll, Ghost, Zombie w/ club

Here's some updated info, (I chatted to the sculptor)


The Dwarf is an Engineer.

The spirit is a Ghost.

Zombie? w/ club is a Ghoul.

The Troll Shaman, is actually a Zombie Troll Shaman.


Oh and Ronnie confirmed Undead Dwarves in the Seminar I went to. I can't wait to get all these models and mix them into my KoW Undead army! biggrin.png



^Probably some overlap here but these are snippets from 2 of the 3 open say seminars about DKH:


*kickstarter targeted for end of July


*similar to MA in that there will be a basic pick up and play rule set that is simple to learn, then a second KS and later Mantic/hobby store expanded rulebook with stats for all KOW races so you can use sell of them in the game, plus rules for character creation, experience, campaign etc plan is to hopefully do quite a lavish special KS version and then more basic version.


*campaign in the box scales through the various rules so you'll start with two heroes fighting to free two more, then the other two escaping so it introduces mechanics but by bit.


* main bad guy is a necromancer but also undead dwarf king with undead dwarf warriors , various other beasties


*high quality card dungeon tiles! stretch goal will be double sided print, in one seminar people really wanted strong themes such as Egyptian temple style! classic style etc and Ronnie seemed to really like that . They looked at hard plastic but too expensive and wouldn't wear well.


*kickstarter will feature special resin (no idea what type) characters, reference to character cards having a reverse died which us epic version, KS will have these epic versions as miniatures


*lot of mention of this being a gateway game bringing people into the hobby similar to heroquest and space hulk , Mars attacks already mantics best selling boxed game as two European distributors have bought a ton to localise, Ronnie expressed they'd love to get this (DKH) in mainstream stores.


*In one seminar all those new sculpts were referenced as being for this, I didn't hear anything about this skirmish game but it was getting pretty hot at times.


*all in scale with KOW and usable,


* Ronnie really wants a digital app eventually for this which would let you lay out dungeons, generate scenarios using minis you have, track stats etc



What Ronnie said about the plastic not wearing well was that the sections warped over time and would not lay flat, and the connectors needed to lay it together would make it look awkward, plus they would need to be painted to look good which would make the game less desirable as an entry game.


Couple more random bits I remembered:


* AI is definitely in for the evil side so co-op will be possible


* talk about using gold as source of upgrades in the advanced version but it is more likely that characters in a campaign in this version will advance based on what they do and what they loot.

For me End of July is to early to start with a new KS. :-(

If they start it so early, I think I will be part of the KS with only $1+few Addons.

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This interests me. Especially if its expandable.

Don't know if I'll be able to back the kickstarter, but I do hope its successful so I can find it at retail later.


I think DWH 1-3 will be compatible, or not?

So I will need to get them in retail, too.

But I think I will get DWH 4 in retail, too. To get the exclusives Addons I could think about.

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Since Teskal also started the Z3 thread...  :;):


Any thoughts on Mantic vs. CMON/GG? Z3 starts late June, and DKH late July.


I know Mantic plastic is hobby-oriented, while CMON's soft plastic is more for the boardgamers. 


What is the "sweet spot" for number of miniatures for amount of money spent in the Mantic KS? For $100, you got 150+ miniatures for the last CMON/GG Zombicide KS.

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This interests me. Especially if its expandable.

Don't know if I'll be able to back the kickstarter, but I do hope its successful so I can find it at retail later.


It's in retail now!:D


That's the old DKH from a few years ago, which I already have. It was very limited in its scope and production quality. It very much had the feeling of being a rushed product.

From what's been quoted by Teskal in the first post, this new version will be quite a different beast rules wise, miniatures wise, and boardwise.

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There's very little from their KOW kickstarter that I think does look good, The Ogres are one of the exceptions.........these look a million times better than the squashed faced Men at Arms, or the Mrs Fantastic Nuns and some of the other horrible pieces that I've seen.


But being in 3 of Mantics KS now, these look pretty good. I already have HQ and WHQ so probably don't need the game itself......will still been in for the "Sweet Spot" and then sell anything I don't want.

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