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Doctor Who Diorama (and the challenge of building a 28mm TARDIS)

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Amazing work and planning on this. You're very meticulous.


Thanks! A tip for the forum, as well. Nothing I've done so far was so frustrating, and difficult, as placing all those little pieces of wire for the windows frames. Add to that that every window hole was different, and the little bits had to be test-fitted and recut most of the time...


What I did, I took a sculpting tool that is, essentially, a giant steel toothpic. With some adhesive putty, I "coated" its tip, making a cone. I got a sticky pointed tool, with a steel backbone so I could push with it into the little wires. I kept the shap with my fingers because the putty is very soft. 


With it, I could touch the middle of the wires, lift them, touch the ends into a glob of gel glue, then place it where appropiate. Most of the time I could wait a second and dislodge the tool without moving the wire too much, and I corrected the position with the tip of an xacto.


/stares at awesomeness tardis




/chucks sci fi mini for scrap parts.


@[email protected] I bow to your tardis.


This is to inspire you about scratchbuilding. I hope you are joking, like when I mutter stuff about cutting people's hands off so that they cannot paint better than me.  :down:


That is just so epically awesome, and it isn't even finished yet!


Thanks! But you should've seen the first woobly, not-so-straight pieces cut. Things look ugly at first, then so-so, then you keep at it and they become awesome. Same with painting, same with scratchbuilding. It is fun!

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Don't be anxious people, I will try to make the wait worth it anyway. 


If all goes according to plan, tomorrow night I will complete the build and seal it for painting. I am rather surprised I managed to get it done in about 6-8 hours, 2 days of work. Usually these kind of proyects take a lot of time for me.


Of course I had help from wife and kid  :blush:

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Thanks Siri!


Away from my brushes, I am researching how to paint the minis. Looking at the Amy Pond I have, I am a little disappointed that she is this:




...and not this:




I wonder... will I re-sculpt her feet? Will I be brave enough?


Anyway, I see pinstripes in my future, and stockings... 

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