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MonkeySloth's Jade Regent Adventure WIPs

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Hey all, decided to steal Pixel's idea of a WIP for a campaign (even though right now her's is just for NPCs) as I wanted to keep this separate from my normal WIP to keep things easier to follow. My normal WIP thread will be things that will be more time consuming and trying to be at a higher quality then what will generally be here (though that doesn't mean I won't paint up something's nice here) as well as have a place to discuss what's going on in my game and the scenery and such I throw together without distracting from my general WIP thread.


You can follow my normal WIP thread here.


So, as I have mentioned elsewhere I've had to split my gaming group in two as a player got a new job that prevented him from playing in the regular group. This tends to happen from time to time as the total number of groups I'm in waxes and wanes through the years--and it's partly why I've had many of the same people in my group for 14 years while still being able to add new people or old members back in. While I'm not particularly fond of doing so my group wants to do 5th edition as we'll have some review copies showing up soon and since my other group is non-D&D (it's 1930's pulp via HEX) I can live with a D&D group--especially considering I won't run games that take longer then about 12-14 months to play out so we can switch (It's my condition for being the GM) and try new things and not get bored of the same old stuff.


Several people wanted to do Asian themed so that also got me to be willing to play D&D if they wanted Asian fantasy--finally I can actually use all this kickstarter stuff I've got that matches this. I've picked up the Jade Regent adventure path from Paizo to use as my base line but I really modify stuff so this isn't going to be 100% by the book (more 60% or so) and I was happy to see the first part dealt with firework stealing and using goblins as I actually have Asian goblins using fireworks as weapons (imagine that--never thought I'd get to use them).


But first off a few changes I'm already making to the story (I'll try and flag spoilers to the actual story as written so people don't have to worry about that):


1) Everyone is already starting in an Asian world (either L5R, Forgotten Realms Asian area--which use to be L5R, or from the Bushido wargame)

2) People will be part of a traveling caravan from the start and not tied to a city (this may change, but I wanted a reason for the caravan but I'll need to read more the book 1 to decide this).


3) May make one of the PCs actually in line for the throne



All right, onto the first set of minis:


Quite a while ago I backed an Asian goblin fantasy football team from Greebo. The sculpts are mostly average, with a few really cool ones, but they fit my need for Asian goblins (which isn't that common and the Rackham ones can be hard to find--but I have most of those). I'm glad I did but I probably wouldn't back it now days as I have a much stricter KS budget as opposed to when I was single. The reason I'm glad I backed it is because now I'll use them and I think this is my first non-bones KS minis I've started to paint (only finished one bones last summer).


First off I've not really done much with traditional goblin skin tones in about 2 years so I've decided to see how they play out by experimenting some. Going to do 2 green and 2 tangerine-ish gobbers and see how it goes. At first I was going to try two different greens completely but gave that up as I need to get these done in a reasonable time so here's what I got:


firework goblins


These guys are in the awesome sculpt category from Greebo. Pretty well detailed and cast with only a few minor issues that I've seen in others (like Wyrd) around toes and such. I added a flame to their torches via a pin and Woodland Scenes Water Effect (the paste).


They're based with Reaper Pale Lichen and the other Reaper Highland Moss but I gave up on the Higland Moss. Shaded down with P3 flesh wash, as it looks great against a desaturated green, and highlighted up to Reaper Fair Skin Highlight. I really like to shade and highlight greens as if they were Caucasian flesh as all the colors work great with green (reds and off whites) and I think it shows. I then used a glaze of Scale Color Sky Blue to add some color to the face and fingers\toes--though it's a bit washed out in these photos. I did this for two reasons:


1) I like it when people mix extra color into faces like that

2) the blue draws out the face


Here's a close up of one





Here's both to show you the full mini




I've got some more photos and WIP for the others but I'm tired and need to go to bed. I'll post more tomorrow. But feel free here to discuss painting and the game as I talk about it as I'm always open to ideas on both.

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I can't wait to see what you end up using for encounters based on Jade Regent. I think the miniatures world is still sorely lacking in Asian themed monsters.


There's a decent amount now thanks to Journey and Kensai.  Kensai got a lot of Japanese monsters done but the problem with Japanese myth is most of their stuff are ghosts and spirits so you have to really take a creative license to get something in mini form.


I'm not super familiar with Chinese myth and monsters so I don't know how well Journey covers those.  Anyone familiar with Chinese myth?  Is there anything that would count as Dwarfs, Elfs and so on? I'm thinking my players will want those but Japanese myth doesn't and I'm inclined to tell them they need to be human.

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MSloth - here's a link to an interesting article on Japanese dwarves.




As far as halflings and elves, there are plenty of examples of minor kami, or Baku, or what have you which could be reskinned versions of elves. Nothing says you have to stay with cannon Japanese myth!

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OK on to more of this. First off here's a list of all the greebo minis I have, lined to my new snazzy Evernote stuff after Springpad shutting down. Sadly though I cannot share a tag link so I can't show all the possible things I own that could work for this but since I don't think most people are aware of the Greebo Asian goblin line I figured it wouldn't hurt to post.




A lot of these are good for what I'm going to do but I don't think I'm going to be able to paint all that I would like to.


That being said I do have three more I'm working on painting. I'm doing the skin tones on all 5 first as many of their other colors will be shared for their armor, leather and cloth. Also the next two goblins have weapons, I've added those to make them more in line with an RPG--they're also all apparently left handed because of the sculpts so my Gobbers are representing the Southpaws.


Line Goblin 2


This is an "eh" sculpt. It serves his purpose but it's not the best. I guess he's supposed to be wearing a mask but I can't really see it in the sculpt. I have a second one so I may paint it up that way if I do another version of him.


His base is Scalecolor Sahara Yellow with a shade of P3 flesh wash but I've really gone over that with Scalecolor Kalahari Orange and that plus Reaper brown liner so there's not much of the flesh wash left in the finished painted area. It's not that I don't think the P3 wash wouldn't look good--it's just I felt like going down this route after I had started.


His highlights are the base+ Reaper Fair highlight and then pure Fair Highlight. Had to have a transition color as the blend from the base to Fair Highlight was too rough and wasn't going to be easy to blend.


Here he is started with the washes and some of the orange



And now the skin is about 1/2 the way done (been slower then I'd like but things are picking up)




Line Goblin 1


I like this guy a lot more then the other due to a good expression on his face, like he really doesn't want to be in this fight but is anyway. I think he's supposed to have a mask as well but I'm not painting him with one. He's much rougher as I was hoping to get done with the previous guy tonight but didn't so he probably won't get started until Friday.


His base is Scalecolor Tenere Yellow which is way brighter then the other goblin's skin (which is more a brown gold).




Oni Troll


This is probably my least favorite sculpt in the line. It's just not very interesting at any level. It's a prime candidate for the medal trade at Rcon as he's full of pits and is a bad cast on top of a boring sculpt. That being said when I was looking at him all of his casting flaws look like cuts and scars so I decided to see if I could make him interested. The clean cast version has a few cuts on the chest but not everywhere else like you'll see here.


He's a base of Reaper Olive skin washed with Secret Weapon Dried Blood around the wounds and then shaded with the same Scale Color Kalahari Orange the others are using.



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It's a shame that the cast is poor for the oni. I really like him. What size is he? I've been looking for good ogre mages / oni.


I have the three from the prepainted D&D line and the one from Reaper. I'd love to get my hands on the ones from Rackham....but that seems like an impossibility at this point.

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He's light warjack size, so pretty big. The goblins probably come up to his waist\stomach and they're just shy of human size.


As for other Oni look into the Bushido line, I'll post my notebook of those when I have the chance. Also Reaper will be releasing one sculpted by Tre this year, it was at Rcon.

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He's cool, I like Oni/Ogre Magi as well. Which is why I immediately went to snag one at Reapercon, even though I probably won't get around to painting it for a while. I have TWO Reaper Ogre Magi in P65 as well as a Ral Partha. They're cool. And I should probably paint one.

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Here's the Bushido link.  Some of the images didn't transfer over from springpad but they're sold via about everyone stateside so you shouldn't have a problem finding them.  Plus the creators are very good, hung out with them a bit last Gencon.




As for this one, not sure why I'm not liking him, maybe once I get him painted up I will.  Doing a new skin tone type on him is my motivation.

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