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MonkeySloth's Jade Regent Adventure WIPs

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I'm really liking the yellow and orange skin too. I don't think a very bright\saturated yellow would look natural in anyway so I'd go with something more muted or brown.


Was productive tonight--haven't been the past few--so that makes me happy.


I finished the skin on lineman 2 (knife goblin), quite like how he turned out.




Lineman 1 (droopy goblin) is finished too but he was a much quicker paint job due to how long I spent on the previous. There are a few areas I might go touch back but I have to limit myself.




I plan on adding blue to these two as well.


Lastly I started on the Oni. Normally I start one part and finish it but I decided to do all the skin back to the "base" as normally you all just see messy paint then finished paint. So here something glazed back to the base. It's still got areas underneath where you can see imperfections and shading which is on purpose. Most of that will go away as I highlight but some will stay and give the skin a bit of an blotty, monster look (or so I hope).


He's Reaper Olive skin, with the same orange and brown mix for the shading as the others. While he's got similar shading he'll have different highlights to reflect a different skin tone. I bought Olive Skin years ago and I didn't like how it looked (in it's triad) so I haven't used it since and so I want to revisit it here.



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After quite a whirlwind painting session I finished the Oni's skin. There are area's that aren't super awesome but this is a gamin piece so I had to limit myself on time.


I mixed up a new dark shadow as the old one wasn't working for me. It's a mix of the following Scale Colors: Kalahari Orange, Abyssal Blue and Dubai Brown.


The highlights are olive skin highlight+ golden skin highlight and pure golden skin highlight, all are from Reaper.




Next I'll probably go do mouths and ears across all five.

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OK. Back at it. I took some time away from responsibility as my job is requiring too much from me and might be requiring even more coming up next week. Pretty much did almost nothing of value outside of packing things up and prepping the house for sale and building a few of my Renaissance Asian Village pieces.




Painted up the tongue of those that have them. Based with Reaper Brains, shaded with P3 Sanguine Highlight and highlighted with Reaper brains + splintered bone.


Started to paint the tusks, nails and horns but decided I wanted to think about their color some more so I painted up the cloths.


This first batch is Scale Color Spring green+ Scale Color Sky Blue shaded down with Reaper Peacock green down to a mix of Peacock green and black. Highlights are Spring Green and Scale Color Nascar.




Not super happy with the front on that guy



It wasn't until I started to paint the cloth here that I realize that the firework goblins are also only wearing a skirt and should have been bare chested. Oh well, they have a really strange kimono now that's shoulderless.


The other batch is a blue. This is a variation on what I did with my Undead Geisha last year and it's a great way to paint a light blue. Base is Scale Color Sky Blue and then shaded down with the blue-green mix that's the base coat in the previous set. Then the final shade is that + some Reaper Splattered Crimson then highlighted up to Skyblue+white and finally Nacar. The color shift from the blue to green (though much less pronounced here) then to the desatured red works very well and I really like this combo.






Have already fixed the off highlight that looks like a unpainted splotch on the skirt here.


I have to say I'm really like Nacar from Scale Color and is probably my #1 favorite highlight material for things that need to be bright but not shiny (like clothes). I really hate highlighting up to pure white on everything and while white has it's place I think it's overused by some painters. Nacar, on the other hand, is great in getting that last bit of contrast without loosing a lot of color and without making something look reflective\shiny like white does.

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Ugh, Monkeysloth, I am in love with your skintones. Wow, there's no way to phrase that so it's not creepy. Anyway, you manage to achieve such great depth of color; it's really inspiring.


Also, I should think about limiting the length of campaigns beforehand as well. I tend to get antsy and want to start trying other things after a while.

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Thanks Slendertroll. I appreciate it.


Some people can last years playing the same campaign and characters. I cannot, nor can most of my group so it works well as it keeps us interested in playing knowing there's a end that's easily obtainable.


Got some decent painting done, these guys are getting closer and closer which is great as I've got some undead I need to start painting next.


First I started on the wastecloths. Their base is Scale Color Nacar shaded down with Reaper Gunpowder brown. I originally was going to also shade them down with P3 Menonth White Base but I liked that color as part of the highlight so I looked for a nice brown that wasn't overly dark or overly brown. Gunpowder was perfect. The highlights are Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight.


I also brought up some of the blues and green by adding a bit of yellow to the green and a mix of Nacar and Menoth White Highlight to the blues. On a few of these I think I need some glazes of the base coat to smooth out so might do that sometime.






For the fireworks goblins I painted up their hats and wood. The colors are almost identical--I just used different washes for the shades. The base is a mix of Scale Color Dubai Brown, Sahara Yellow and some Tenere Yellow (not much) as I needed a yellowish brown that was browner the Sahara but more yellow then Dubai and brighter then both of them normally are as the bases.


The hats are shaded with a few coats of Secret Weapon Soft Body Black while the wood is GW Devlin Mud. Highlights are a mix of Sahara yellow + Tenere Yellow with a tad bid of the base and then pure Tenere Yellow.


I've started the rest of the cloth around the chest and baskets but only just. Should finish those off tomorrow.






I really like how the wood turned out but I think next time I should do the highlights before the washes.

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Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How cool to see these develop into incredible mini's.

So disparate and yet they have a beautiful commonality !

Great color choices, and blending.

That was a lot of fun to see !

Thank you for posting those MonkeySloth.

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OK. After what is apparently becoming an annual occurrence of pretty much video games throughout June and very little painting I'm back on these guys as I need to get them done. I've speed up, which has lowered the quality on some things but these are gaming pieces that will probably only be used for a few sessions so I can't waste much more time on them.


The biggest time saver is I just did metals as TMM with one shade and no real highlighting. I'll probably go through with some pearl white but that's all. Basically it's Reaper Polished Silver and Pirate Gold washed down with P3 Armor Wash (usually too strong of a core wash color for me, tend to only use it for a final shade) and that allowed me to get a lot done pretty quickly. Still not as much as I'd like as I'm really having trouble getting past the fiddly bits on these guys and so I'm just going to have to power through them tomorrow as I honestly probably only have 2-3 hours left for all four if I focus.


I also painted the bases as I needed to complete something to help with the mental block I've been having on them. The picture didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped but I'll have a better one once I get the gobbers on them.


The sand is a black base with Scale Color Sahara Yellow then Sahara Yellow+ Scale Color White Sands (slight off white to the yellow end I think) then pure white sand. I kept my dry brushing to follow the sand lines to get some strong contrast. The Bamboo is Scale Color Spring Green washed with Secret Weapon Sewer Water and GW Thraka Green and GW Devlin Mud. Then some areas were re-highlighted with Spring Green.




OK onto these two.


Not much on the first guy. Got his red done. It's GW blood red shaded down with Secret Weapon Sewer Water and Dark Sepia then highlighted up with the base color+ P3 Sulfuric Yellow. Might add some white as it's really not as strong of a lacquered look as I'd like.


His knife needs a tad more work and his white is only started.




This guy is almost done as what was left was his metal and the straps. The straps are more or less done, just need to bring up the highlight.




Lastly is the firework goblin. Only posting one as they're both at the same point. Painted up his large firework in an experimental way, as a test for a future skin tone. While the highlights are rougher then I'd like I think the overall look has promise. The Base is GW Blood Red shaded with Secret Weapon Sewer Water then highlighted up to a light purple which was made by mixing Scale Color Violet+ Scale Color Sky Blue+ white.


The fireworks in the backpack are just other colors I've used today shaded down with various washes. Still needs some highlights but these guys just have their nails (hands and feet) and leather done as well as the fire. Since I'm not doing OSL that should be quick.



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Yay, I like all of it! I wish I had seen this thread when it started, as I would've loved to use those fireworks goblins. Alas that my group is now past that part and is preparing to explore Brinewall Keep. On a related note, have you got any ideas on where I might procure



dire corbie or tengu



figurines?  :ph34r:

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The Goblins are done! Woot! I'll post pictures once I've got the last coat of dullcoat on them. The Ogre has an issue with a huge hole in his stomach from a miscast. You can see the below his belt if you look carefully on any of the photos of him. I've got a first layer of GS on him now and need to decide if I want to sculpt missing detail of if I want to find some type of decoration to cover up the problem. I'd like the décor as it will be faster and add some more character to the sculpt--but we'll have to see if I can find anything in the next few days.


In the mean time I've got two more figures started. The first one is Gaikotsu from Zenit's Kensai line. He's kind of an awkward sculpt but part of that is how I pinned him--which is totally not how he was intended. Didn't bother to check before I did.


He's basically a large skeleton samurai and probably the least interesting sculpt from the Kensai monster line.


I've never really done good bone, and this isn't horrible but still not good, but I've think I've got a base idea now. Problem always comes down to time. Started at his base of a white primer and then started to wash with Secret Weapon Parchment and then GW Sepia and then Secret Weapon Soft Body Black. Reclaimed with Reaper Splintered bone + Scale Color White Sand. Then a few area's got pure white sand. The photo really shows I need to fix a few areas and define the face more. Was trying to paint this guy while watching a movie with my wife.


Everything else is pretty much just a base coat washed with Secret Weapon Algae. This creature is found by a cave near the sea so I'm giving him a dirty, wet look--which is good as slathering washes on is never clean for me.




The next is a Nezumi from Okkro Miniatures. He's a nice, simple sculpt, but intended for a decorative base attachment that I didn't want to use here because it's cool (a stone lamp) so it was rather a pain to get pin rods in his feat. Should be another quick paint job but hopefully a bit cleaner.




If I really push I'll have these both done tomorrow but I'm expecting Tuesday. I won't have any time to paint the rest of the week so I'm hoping I can get them done.

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Monkeysloth, your self commentary alone is worth reading lol.


I get that you wanted to save time by doing to TMM, but it's like since you decided to downgrade the pieces you're not quite as happy with your own work.

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