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77096: Labella DeMornay, Banshee

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So, I'm kinda stuck on this one. I followed the first several steps I did for my nightspectre. Where I'm stuck is what to do for the skin color. Do I go a greenish vampire, vampire, dark elf, copper tan, etc?


My flash makes it appear that there is more white than what there really is, also I didn't touch up the skin and definitive clothing bits so they still have a heavy white tone from the first few steps.



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So I decided to go slightly more traditional on the banshee. Red hair and fair skin.


For the skin I added a touch of alien goo green to the vampire skin for a slight green tint. I added vampire highlight to the mix to keep the green tint theme. For the body of the dress I went with purple with green shadows, a reverse of the rest of the dress.


For the hair, I used carrot top red and auburn shadow. I then washed it with GW's baal red wash and picked out the ridges with highlight orange.


The face I went through three tries on the eyes and mouth. I had forgotten that the face in this one had come out very muted in the features. The eyes and mouth ended up nightmare black. The rest of the body I lined with GW's leviathian purple.







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So I couldn't stand the face and decided to try my hand at trimming/recarving it. I cut the cheekbones down slightly to try and define the nose better. Unfortunately there really wasn't enough nose tip or lip to separate the nose from the mouth. After cutting the cheekbone, my wife said if looked like voldermort, cut the nose with snake slits then...oops too late. The left eye was almost non-existent so a little line cutting with a craft knife and reinforcing the new lines with a pin to widen and deepen the eye socket it looks better but not great. I'll take a pic of it tomorrow.




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