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May 2014 painting:


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77138 Candelabra and chest (Dungeon Dressing)

77062 Deenah 

77171 Stone Golem 

77134 Hajad  Pirate 

77070 Aviriel Tellerion (oh the hair issues) 


I have never used these in an RPG, but now that I have them painted Iwant to stick them in. at the least the gems will count as treasure. 

couldn't find clockwork brass (which everyone is always raving about) so used (reapers) antique brass. 



chest was painted earlier, but added gems, pearls and shadows. not sure I lit the gems the right way. 



post-12081-0-13300700-1400354477_thumb.jpg post-12081-0-16063600-1399943246_thumb.jpg 



Her hair, and inner shield took several revisions.  as seen in my consolidated  WIP thread. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/49139-wip-one-full-case-from-the-bones-kickstarter/page-6



comments and critics welcome. 

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Looking good. I agree with Inarah in regards to Deenah and the highlights. I'd also point out the Stone Golem. It looks mostly base colored like you've lost your shading and highlighting to the midtone in a lot of places. Go back over with a dark wash and then some light dry-brushing of the highlights and it'd look really good.

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