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Random Challenge: thread two

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My cousin's cancer tests just came back in the clear! Second surgery to shrink the tumor in two weeks.

Sympathy like.   We've been having similar problems, with poop but not pee... And can't quite tell if it's protest over my working hours, or new cleanliness fussiness over the litter box. We might

My 15-1/2 year old son just landed his very first job, working for an International House of Pancakes restaurant as a dishwasher and busboy. His first shift was yesterday and his second is tomorrow. 


Good thing that dad thought to ask about the cards first. He must be amazed by the value of those cards,

No kidding!


Good evening, Flame. ^_^ How's the day?


Busy. Very busy. Watching the kids, teaching them to paint minis, training my dog, cleaning the area I will be turning into a bedroom, catching up on schoolwork. I get to repeat it all tomorrow. (Hopefully the bedroom will be done soon.)


I also worked hard to not cringe at how the eldest treated the brush I gave her. I gave the kids cheap craft brushes I can replace very easily while they learn. I was very glad i did not give my good brushes to them while they learn. I am amazed at how well the 7 and 6 year old painted. The eldest only wants big minis because she thinks they will be much easier. The younger ones picked more complex minis and are doing very well indeed.

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Big minis ARE easier [to me at least =P]

They are not easier when your family picks minis with just as much detail as a smaller mini. She wants only larger minis with minimal detail really. The younger ones have accepted they need to do smaller ones to do the bigger ones. If she was interested in my gnoll or ogre I would be happier. She wants a dragon or giant


Bree (7) chose the Goblin Warchanter as her first mini. Cayd (6) chose a Space Marine. Tori (9) chose an air elemental in the form of a cyclone. 

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I conclude that news stories are to be viewed with caution, and ideally fact-checked by someone with experience.


It's hard to write a news story with a few minutes of talking to people. It's harder when you're not really very smart. And it's harder still when you've decided what the story is going to be before you even show up.


 On the contrary, it's really easy to write a news story that way, as long as you're as loose with the words "news," "story," and "facts."


I hate malware and the people who produce it. There is no hell deep enough for these scum. Beware an innocuous program called Driver Support that offers free scanning of your computer. They have ads embedded in trusted software sites. It's ransom-ware. It will give you constant pop-ups telling you that your drivers are out of date and then try and get you to pay for "updates", even if nothing is wrong.


Yeah, don't... don't tell anything on the internet it can "scan" your computer. Get a good-quality virus protection program (and even better, a non-Windows machine) and trust that, or a real person at a reputable business if things start behaving oddly anyway.


And it still lives? What if it decided to lay eggs in your ear as you sleep? Or commit suicide via you inhaling it in your sleep.

"average person eats 3 spiders a year" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person eats 0 spiders per year. Spiders Georg, who lives in cave & eats over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted


I had to teach them how to hold the brush as Tori was going up to the metal thingy.

Are... are you not supposed to go up to the ferrule (metal thingy)? I always hold mine right up near the bristles. How do you get any control at all if you hold it further back?
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The important thing, as I understand it, is not to let paint get up to the ferrule.


EDIT:  Speaking of, finally got a start on painting while I'm out here.

Ohh, right. But what does that have to do with you you hold it? :rock:


Congrats on getting painting time in!

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Good evening!  Hope everybody is having a great day!

Just about over for me. I'm off to bed soon. ^_^



What time is it for you guys?  Its 5.48pm here.....

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