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Random Challenge: thread two

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My cousin's cancer tests just came back in the clear! Second surgery to shrink the tumor in two weeks.

Sympathy like.   We've been having similar problems, with poop but not pee... And can't quite tell if it's protest over my working hours, or new cleanliness fussiness over the litter box. We might

My 15-1/2 year old son just landed his very first job, working for an International House of Pancakes restaurant as a dishwasher and busboy. His first shift was yesterday and his second is tomorrow. 

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So my former foster kids had a real thing about being pretty - Kellyn's dresses were their favorite dress-up toys.  Unit L wanted his nails painted.  He was 3, no big deal - we painted his nails.  We got a very stern note from his teacher at Head Start that they were disruptive, and his DSS caseworker got on his case about it every single time she saw him...


In disgust, I got some jump-rings, split them open, filed off the edges, and wore these for him as long as he was with us, in solidarity and showing him men can be pretty too.






Grrr.  Come on, people.

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I just noticed my running trail, when mapped, looks like a crack in time (or crack in the wall, if that's a better point of refernece)



regenerations plot extensions

come out of it at an opportune moment?

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Man, Revell of Germany is just out for my wallet.  They re-released the 1/350 SMS Emden, which I've been hunting for some time, as a 2-pack with her sister (or his brother, to be correctly German about it) SMS Dresden


Although that one I should have seen coming, 100 years since 1914 and all. 


I refuse to even peek at anything else, lest I discover more lost treasures to eat my funds. 

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So this definitely counts as random, other than the recent mention of celery...



... :huh:


That's pretty much all I had to say about it, lol.




Sorry, sport. I donwanna neither, but the fiery death orb commanded that I arise from my deathlike slumber and go be productive<_< This probably won't help, but *offers fresh ginger tea flavored with honey and lemon* s'all the tea I've got cap'n.  ^_^


Otherwise, pizza for breakfast ftw.


...Expecting any rational sense from me for the next couple of hours will result in severe disappointment. Oh, hey look, Windows has 15 new updates it wants to install. Let's see if any of them decide to keep Windows from booting again; that was both incredibly frustrating and frighteningly hilarious at the same time.  :wacko:


I need chocolate.



--OneBoot :D

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