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Random Challenge: thread two

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*flops around sleepily* Stupid storm, keeping me up all night.  :down: Not quiet, gentle pattering rain...no...just loud hammering rain on our window because the wind kept blowing it sideways.


Just the description makes me sleepy. I love big storms for sleeping.
Today is dreary, and makes me sleepy...
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My cousin's cancer tests just came back in the clear! Second surgery to shrink the tumor in two weeks.

Sympathy like.   We've been having similar problems, with poop but not pee... And can't quite tell if it's protest over my working hours, or new cleanliness fussiness over the litter box. We might

My 15-1/2 year old son just landed his very first job, working for an International House of Pancakes restaurant as a dishwasher and busboy. His first shift was yesterday and his second is tomorrow. 


So... Work is slow. I'm caught up on this thread. And on my three rp by email scenes. So... Anyone reading any good books?


Limits of Power, by Elizabeth Moon.


It's the fourth book in the Paladin's Legacy series, which is set after The Deed of Paksenarrion.




(Plus, as I mentioned upthread, I'm listening to John Julius Norwich's Absolute Monarchs: A History of the Papacy.)



Neat. I read "The Deed of Paksenarrion", but didn't know there was a follow-on series.


I'm not reading anything really exciting right now.

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It's my Friday, Mrs. n3rd and I are going up to Salt Lake for a weekend trip. It was originally going to be to see her brother and his family and catch a concert, but he recently got transferred closer to Vegas. We are now just going for the concert, should still be fun and much cooler weather than what we are getting in Vegas right now.

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I'm really debating origins as a day trip Saturday...

bring Ladystorm dark chocolate if you do.

Would that count as literal brown-nosing?

Only if he wiped it on his nose... <_<


or hers. Erither way, that is not what chocolate is meant for

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