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Random Challenge: thread two

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My cousin's cancer tests just came back in the clear! Second surgery to shrink the tumor in two weeks.

Sympathy like.   We've been having similar problems, with poop but not pee... And can't quite tell if it's protest over my working hours, or new cleanliness fussiness over the litter box. We might

My 15-1/2 year old son just landed his very first job, working for an International House of Pancakes restaurant as a dishwasher and busboy. His first shift was yesterday and his second is tomorrow. 

Animals can usually be trained to behave.  Family members not as much. 


Seriously, I hope that one way or another the situation gets resolved, Flamehawke.  It's one thing to have a high-spirited animal around someone who's strong enough to deal with it, something else entirely to have one when there are people with physical limitations.  If you talk to someone at the shelter they might be able to work out some sort of arrangement based on the concept that you're fostering your sister's dog until they can find a proper home for it. 

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It's going to take a while for it to sink in but you can train the dog that is is lower on the totem pole than the cats. 


1. Make sure you have an extra person to wrangle cats if need be. 

2. Make the dog lay down.

3. Sit over the dog so they can't get up. Over the front shoulders and neck is good. You may have to hold on to their collar if they are squirmers. Don't put too much pressure as you don't want them to feel trapped, or hurt them. Jut need to know they are not allowed to get up.

4. Let the cats roam freely. If they try to attack the dog, they should be punished (spray bottle etc.)

5. As long as the dog struggles, they are not allowed to get up. If they give a good 30 seconds of resignation praise them etc. if they give a full minute, try letting them up.

6. If you let them up and they go after a cat, its back on the floor. Remove the cats. Wait until calm then let up. Be sure to praise for the calm.

7. Don't raise your voice if the dog struggles try to be as calm as possible. 

8 If it goes 15 minutes or longer, remove the cats and let the dog up. You may have to work on just the laying down part first. 


Eventually you should be able to get up while they stay and give them a command that is ok to get up shortly after. 


I am mostly alone for this training as I only have help on the weekends. I have him trained on basic obedience we got that down in this month. He struggles the whole time unless I am holding a treat in which case that is more important than the cat. I have been using it and it works with Merlin. Number 4 is actually not an issue for the cats. They are more of the opinion to walk cautiously around him and try to sniff him in curiosity.


Will this work on a dog that has come from an abusive situation? Another tidbit my sister forgot to mention was that she took him because she did not like the situation he was in. So I have a few problems here and there, but not on the level of him trying to attack Houdini. Houdini seems to be the target of his aggression (outside it is every animal smaller than him). I have to be cautious of using water around him as he has an absolute terror of it. He will run if you turn on even a faucet to do dishes.


I will happily take advice on getting around this as it is a situation I have never been in. I know how to train a dog in obedience, but I have never dealt with issues regarding my cats. This is a severe issue as my mom is putting her foot down about him chasing the cats and this is where I am struggling.


If it helps he is crate trained. He has been taught: Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it. 

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Sounds like you are on the right track.


The water thing could just be a phobia. Had a dog that loved puddles but would never swim and would run and hide from the hose but could care less about the rain. My brother in law has a dog that is terrified of thunder and associates rain with it. Even the slightest mist will send her to the house.


As for the training, I would try to isolate the dog to a room to work on training. I would try the holding down bit in a room away from the cats first. If he can handle you holding her down for a good 15 minutes, bring in the best cat. Try the leave it command. If you are ignored, then put him on his side and pin him. If he calms let him up. Try the leave it command again. As the dog gets better, introduce more cats.


Note, when my dog was young (<2 years) she wanted to play chase with everyone. The cats were used to dogs enough they would either let her know with a swat or go where she couldn't


Also the friends that taught me this method had a Rottweiler and an Irish Wolf Hound mix. One day they were being rather suspicious in the back yard. Gilyan went to check on them and they had found a nest of baby bunnies. Each had a (very much alive) bunny in their mouth. Gilyan told them to "drop it!" They both spit the bunnies out and walked straight inside.


:edit: If he is treat oriented, get very small treats so you can keep working without worrying about nutrition. May also look into a "clicker". Every time you click it they get a treat. Eventually you can wean of the treats so its a sometimes thing.

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It is outright fear. He will not go outside when it is misting, when water is turned on he bolts, running a hose outside sends him running. All of this if he is held against his will in the area or outside will start him crying and panicking even more. I can't even give him a bath without panic in any way.


Funnily the cat most willing to trust me on controlling him is the one he is most aggressive towards. Houdini trusts me to have him fully under control. I am glad there are people with more experience on this here on the Reaper boards. I just wanted a rant as I was really upset over this one issue I could not seem to surmount. It might be what convinces mom to give him longer to master.


The cat he chased away grew up with dogs and this one just went over what he could handle. My cats have never dealt with a dog before, but I try to keep them highly socialized so I can keep them going to see new people, places or creatures. Aonghus is starting to get the same treatment as my sis did not socialize him and my mom can not walk him as he has knocked her down once before.


Thank you Ludo. It gives me hope to hear some solid advice on this being possible.

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Mom agreed to give him longer as he actually started showing signs of obeying the leave it command. I also gave him a nice long game of fetch which negated the walking trouble we have that I can work on as we go.


For randomness I am playing Pokemon Y and am almost done with the game already. Random fun fact i learned today is that the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo added a wildebeest to their herd and visitors got to see the birth live as the mother gave birth while on the pasture. The zoo got a heads up via their Facebook page.

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A few weeks back I hammered out a very quick one off adventure for a friend to introduce her to tabletop. It turned out much better than I planned, and I have been going back, and fleshing it out. So far I have the back story, and right now I'm just adding in some more information about the actual adventure, and some more information on the monsters therein. I've also added a hook to the end so that it can be the start of a larger adventure. Because my friend was running solo I created a handful of potential NPCs to accompany her character, and give her a hand. Each of the NPCs has a different reason for wanting to accompany the primary player. Since all the miniatures used were Bones I was thinking of serializing it in posts. First introducing all the NPCs, and their potential motivations as well as the Bones mini I envisioned for them. Once I reach the end of the NPCs I could post the map, and the adventure. Would there be any interest? It was designed out for 2nd Edition, but it would be pretty easy to convert it to Basic, 1e, or Pathfinder/3.5. It's also set in my homebrew world, but again because of the way it's designed it would be easy to change it around to fit in any setting really. 

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