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Nakos' Storm Giants WIP

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So looking around the forums and I found the Year of the Giant painting contest. Since I was in an inspired painting mood I decided to break out Yephima and the male storm giant. I went and looked at alot of the other submitted giants in show-off, WIP, and Inspiration gallery. I was really inspired by Pragma's Storm Giant, especially the lava cracks on the shoulder. I decided to try and go the literal 'storm' giant route and went looking at photos of lighting strikes. I saw lots of blues, reds, purples, and whites, then I saw this one,


I love the blue/green-teal highlighting the greys of the clouds and the ice-blue highlight of the actual lighting. Hopefully the final result will look similar. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Current state of the models




Since I wanted the blue tint and I've been really happy with Buglips' brown liner discovery I went with Reaper's blue liner to base my bones.


A technique that I've been playing with but not really focusing on has been to dilute the paint to almost a glaze to allow more of the undertones to show through. I figure that this color scheme would benefit the most from this to really try and get the blending and depth that I'm looking for. First up, the base of Deep Ocean.



The first of the glaze attempts. Armour Grey.



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After the Armour grey, I wasn't sure if enough of the blue was coming through so I did a GW Asurmen Blue wash.



Next up, Bright Turquoise. I thinned it out with Reaper's flow improver trying to glaze/layering it on leaving the recesses the previous color.



Here without the flash from my phone.



From here I think I will need to start laying out the lighting strikes on the skin of the giants to help give me a better plan of where to start really lightening up the teal colors.

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Late day at work yesterday so not much done but I started laying out the major lightening strikes. My wife suggested a grey/white hair color. I had initially dismissed it as too Drow-like. But in laying out the stikes with the Aircraft grey, I thought that it would make a nice contrast. I'll play with a teal/grey tint and see what that looks like. Currently the hair is based with the Aircraft Grey.





I'll keep laying out the strikes after each layer, partly to make sure I remember where they are and I hope that the multiple layers of paint in the same spot will create a raised branding effect.

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I spent some time painting on this and Cthulu Saturday. I had to let the paint dry more than I had been. Not sure if its the humidity or the lighter colors acting funny but I found as I was putting on the Marine Teal and the Marine Teal/Aircraft Grey parts of the previous layer would pull up as little pellets.

Here the Marine Teal before relining the lightning.

Here after the lightning relined. Its not coming out as ridges as I had hoped but I may just keep lining it until I get the raised look.

With flash

So from here I felt that I needed to get more of the green showing and get some more grey in the shading so I blended equal parts Marine Teal and Aircraft Grey. The lightning was still grey visible so I didn't take a pic of that part and just relined it. I also applied the Marine Teal/Aircraft Grey to their hair, which you can see in the previous pics too. So here is the current state.

At this point I'm getting the glowing effect I want. But I think I messed up the blending or at least went a shade to light to fast. I may make a Marine Teal blend with a darker grey and try to soften the lines. I'm also starting to contemplate the leather and armour bits. I'm thinking about maybe trying my hand at illusion painting to make the leather/armour look like a dragons hide or some other monstrous beast that would be a worthy adversary versus the regular leather look. Or I might try to carve the scales in I don't know yet.

Some astute observers may notice that Yephima is shaded lighter, or at least more of the light shading showing than the Storm Giant, well its true. I wanted to convey the amount and intensity of the 'cloud' shading and lightning to their state of minds. More stormy, dark and intense for the storm giant as he's either in mid training or fighting. Yephima is less stormy, lighter as she's in mid conversation.

Comments, ideas, and suggestions are welcome.

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I took Monday off but today I built my first wet pallet. I think I have the wrong kind of cooking parchment paper, oh well I'll keep experimenting with it. I did throughly enjoy the ability to blend and mix on the pallet.

So after the Marine Teal-Aircraft Grey step I didn't like the shade jump. So I blended Marine Teal and Dirty Grey as a glaze and used that to soften the sharp edge between the Marine Teal-Aircraft Grey and Marine Teal. Also on Yephima I blended a few darker shades back as I started to see the last color as being to chalky. I still intend to try and make her a lighter coloring then the strom giant.




For the hair I started out trying to line out the shades but even with a 20-0 or 30-0 it wasn't working for what I wanted. So I repainted their hair with Denim Blue then drybrushed a Denim Blue-Marine Teal blend. I followed that up with drybrushed layers of Marine Teal, Marine Teal-Aircraft Grey, Aircraft Grey, and finally Maggot White.



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Not much work done on the Storm Giants this last week, worked on a Cthulu and a pair of Wyrmgears. Spent some time thinking about what I want to do with the armour and fabric. So far for the fabric I plan to paint it to look like the hide of a purple worm. Now a D&D purple worm or a Reaper great worm I haven't decided yet.


I used GW's Leviathian Purple and I went to put in GW's Baal Red wash into the creases and tears but I don't think the red was dark enough to make much effect. I may mix up a dark red wash from my Reaper reds and try again. For the inside of the fabrics I'll lighten the purple up to represent the flesh side or I may paint it a different color as if it was lined.



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For these its somewhat in between but closer to the non-flash ones. Except the close up of the hair, that's pretty close to real life. I haven't been able to get a good light and settings setup on my phone camera. I probably should take a look in the photography sub forum for ideas on making a light box.


Some of the past minis I didn't take pics of each step and I don't remember exactly how I got the results. Plus, I don't do so well with a notebook. I use to homebrew and started a journal. I didn't keep up with it very well. So while I made lots of tasty beverages no two were ever the same.

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I don't remember why I stripped the paint off (probably to do a better job of blending) but I decided to start over. The first pic is after spending several months in simple green, don't remember what I did to prep it but most of the paint refused to come off. Worked out ok anyway ad it mate it easier to see where I missed or didn't clean well enough the mold lines. I took a little time to scrap some of the paint.

The second photo is after with grey liner and four thin coats of Styx Purple on the cloth and leather bits. Still sticking with the plan of treating them as purple worm leather. I still want to do the living lightning on the skin but I may change the skin color.



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Experimenting with doing a dark black skin tone and I like it. May highlight to a blue/green tone to match storm clouds either way I'm going to be happier with this direction. The first pic is with MSP Bones ebony flesh and the second dragon black.



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Base coated skin and metallic objects. The make giant got Reaper's MSP Bones dragon black and the female giant MSP Bones ebony flesh. Armor and metallic objects was based with gunmetal blue.


This round of painting and photos were done under my brew 4k lumen daylight led bulb.







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