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77040: Satheras, Male Warlock and Little Death Familiar


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What is it that I think it is?



Because it just looks like a pretty staff with a red amulet on it to me...

That's no red amulet, it's an Egg of the King. (Unless you've never watched/read Berserk, then it's just a red amulet...)  ::):

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Those are a sinister looking pair of Evil Doers. Your selection of colors & FINE brushwork bring out all their malevolent charm admirably...the freehand on the scroll & the scroll itself is OUTSTANDING. VERY WELL DONE!

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i am particularly impressed with the scroll - it is very smooth brushwork. great paring too, they look great together and i am a big fan of minis that theme well. noted.

A note on the scroll:


Citadel Bleached Bone + Citadel Bestial Brown = PINK!


Fortunately, the Gryphonne Sepia wash I used to 'age' the parchment also brought the shadows back to a more brown color.

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