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newbie question

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Hi all,


Just starting this game and reading through the rules I keep asking myself "where are the rules about unit coherency"


If I take a leader and 10 soldiers do they have to stay in a minimal range of each other? I couldnt find it in the rules and thought wow cool, but how do those leader rules like the "Inspire Action" work?

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No coherency rules. Your leader can sit in the back corner and direct the troops to the other side of the table.


The text for Inspire, Rally, Regroup give the "range" the affected troops must be in. Which is unlimited for Rally and Regroup. For Inspire, you have to attack an enemy model in B2B with your leader, but can be any distance away from the inspiration, to start.



Leader can Inspire.

Move 4 guys from troop into b2b with enemy.

All 5 of you attack with the bonus.

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