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Renaissance Fair Overview...For those who requested seeing the full overview of this project. I have taken a couple of photos so you can get an idea of the full overview look of this project as it now stands...Not shown are...Scribe booth, the livestock pens, the fair sign posts, the 3 roads with signs leading off to the ...privy, gypsy camp and the livestock pens...also not shown are the 2 pieces yet to be done...(Eve's Garden & Privy).


Paul (Catdancer)

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Thanks for putting it up, I will be gone for the month of June for Army training.  This is AWESOME!  What a fun terrain set!  I bet players would have a blast just shopping.  There are a lot of uses for this set together and individually as pieces, very nice.

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When you look at each piece individually, up close with all the details, it leaves you with a sense of wonder. You don't actually put into mind how many pieces of the terrain you have put together. With this overview shot, it makes this project so impressive. And all I have to say to your work pending...NOOOooooo!!!!

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Great work in every piece sir.


Together the feel of the fair really comes to life.


Looking forward to the last two pieces and then seeing pics of the entire project together, maybe on a table with some trees, rocks and a small stream....great image in my head.

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