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Help me finish Grumblejack

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On the first day of our Way of the Wicked campaign one player did not have his character made. I offered him the chance to play Grumblejack the ogre. He enjoyed playing the ogre so much he asked if he could have him as his PC and I agreed. Now we are on book 3 and Grumblejack is a fiendish ogre with barbarian levels. He is one of three characters still alive from the first game. So I am making him a Grumblejack mini.


I am using the Ogre from the Blood of Grummsh D&D minis and would like some feedback on how to finish him up. The skin color right now is Old West Rose (i think). I just want him to come out very evil and such. Just kind of stuck on what to do.


Pics are not the best quality. 





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Dark Horns.


Underside of the wings a lighter colour similar to the skin.

Top (dorsal) side of the wings dark, like the horns.


Give the skin a wash or a glaze of the dark colour used on the horns and the back of the wing's.


Copy the eyes Mocha did on her practice gargoyle.


That's what I would try (although I doubt I could pull off the eyes... )

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What game is this, where ogres have horns and wings? I am interested.



I'll second that...



What game is this, where ogres have horns and wings? I am interested.

"...Grumblejack is a fiendish ogre..."

Meaning, he's half demon/devil, I imagine.

3.5 or 4E D&D/Pathfinder, I wager.


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Last Knight is correct it's Pathfinder. The game is an evil campaign of 6 books called Way of the Wicked by Fire Mountain Games. Grumblejack the ogre is supposed to be an NPC follower if the party keeps him alive. Later on he can become a half fiend. We have been greatly enjoying the campaign and are a little under halfway through. I just hope that the usual thing doesn't happen this time. Every time I make a mini for a specific character they end up dying. Hoping that once I finish him he will be a terror to behold.

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