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03675: Gravewailer (reapercon early release)


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So when is this miniature scheduled to be released by Reaper to us, the unwashed masses* that could not make it to Reapercon?


*And by unwashed masses I mean it figuratively of course.  I think only goblins are truly unwashed on this forum, and they actually do make it to Reapercon sometimes.

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thanks guys! im glad you like it. it was a very fun model to paint; Guthrie did a great job with the concept. for a fun side project i really like how well it turned out. there are of course a few errors here and there that were revealed by the harsh eye of the camera, so perhaps i will do an updated picture when this hits the catalog for the inspiration gallery.

as to when it will be released, i seem to recall some faint grumblings about fall , but i doubt that is set in stone with bones on the horizon. soontm, i am sure.

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