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Obsidian Crane's June 2014 Efforts

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Finally got this model finished. She languished for a long time with just a few little bits to get done so she could be put on the finished shelf, and I finally got it all done.


Bombshell Babes Valkyrie on a (I think) Secret Weapon base.



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Of course when I said "my orcs" I didn't mean the ones I'll spend the next 2 weeks painting. The first one of which is this old GW plastic Orc chariot. Speed painted by undercoating with Army Painter spray (red for the chariot, green for the Orc) then base colours then brush on Army Painter Strong Quickshade then add highlights.


Got a good tabletop model quickly, which is critical if I'm going to paint around 76 orcs & 4 trolls in the next 2 weeks along with a few other models.


As you can see at this point I still need to base and seal, but those steps are irrelevant to the majority of the work.





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The time of the Orc has begun!


These models are all old, a pre-slotta Citadel Orc, an early slotta Citadel Orc, a 1980's Citadel LotR Uruk-hai, a Harlequin Orc and a Harlequin Savage Orc.


Speed painted with Army Painter Greenskin undercoat followed by painting the base colours, then brushing on (generously) Army Painter Strong Tone, then highlight with 1 or 2 shades (base colour & a brighter colour).



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