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Thanks guys.  The next Iron Hero is the "Executioner," now sold by Valiant as "Carnivale."  I thought she was kinda neat until I saw that... thing... on her back.  For this mini I decided to practice on color transitions, I went with what I called an analogous complimentary color scheme in my WIP.  I.e. the dress and cloth streamers are complimentary to each other, but the colors transitioning are analogous.  At least roughly.  I just eyeballed it rather than trying to perfectly match everything on the color wheel.  ^_^  I also tried for a cool white for her sash, and attempted to give her lips and eyes rather than just dark holes in the mask.  The lips were actually sculpted, but if there were eyes they don't appear to have survived on this mini. 


She isn't securely attached to this base, just gripped by the cork, so it may change.  I don't really have any urban bits lying around, and her color doesn't exactly say park ranger.



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Thanks Grim.


Here's the last Iron Hero for awhile.  It looks like I'll need to finally get around to picking up a jewelers saw or something similar for the next one.  As I mentioned in the WIP, her bow arm was miscast, and it kinda took the fun out of it. It was also mangled.  I had intended to attempt to glue the fletching back onto the arrow, but it disappeared on me.  sigh. 


I didn't want to paint her up as a brown and green ranger like 99% of her owners probably did, so I went with a more vibrant color combo.




Another Valiant reclaim, now sold as Robyn Wrightway.

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