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Karick-Dar, Apprentice (Sansulves the Bladebound Magus)


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I like the mini, and really like the base, but the union of the two is a bit disjointed. He looks like he's floating on the rock (though he is a magus, so maybe he is  ::):).

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Good job on the black.  It reads to me as dark gray (with the pants being lighter).  I suspect you intended it to look darker, but black is hard.  The spell/force effect on the hand is well-done - I half-expected to see a glowing ball in the side-shots.

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Thanks for the comments and compliments everyone!


I was thinking of taking a couple of the comments from my WIP thread and applying them to the figure and then re-taking the pictures (such as adding some brown staining from the mud on the base of the column).


The other thing I was thinking of doing was changing out the background. I feel the gray background washes out the blacks/grays of the figure and the column.



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Thanks galladril  ^_^


I'm not sure what will happen either, but I can see what everyone thinks and post up a few different backgrounds to see what is best and go with that as my final product. I have a tan colored and a white. I think I need to go get some blue and black as well or bite the bullet and get some from Hangar18's site.

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Dang Ub3r !

Incredible base...

The figure and the basing are fantastic together.

Looks so totally natural !

Congrats !


Thanks Jay!


Great work on the spell effect. Looks very glowy the dark grey/black was also well done. I would have centered him on the base but that's just my opinion. Very good job!


Thank you! I didn't want to center him on the base as I felt it was more dynamic to put him on the column overlooking the road and kind of scouting ahead, plus it gives a better look of the old road as another point of interest. I do appreciate your comments and take all advice/critiques seriously. 

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That base did turn out fantastic.  The spell effect is really working, too.  He is very "Vader's apprentice."


I think you are getting a grey on grey on grey thing happening and changing the background is a good idea.


Yeah, I was thinking a weapon swap would make him look an awful lot like the Sith apprentices from KOTOR.

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