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Swung by the FLGS on the way home to pick up some sleeves for the item cards in my Myth game after work today. I also grabbed one each of the latest Reaper metal lizardfolks that were released (the bow and the club guys).

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Whelp, the Warmill order is in Kentucky so looks like UPS wasn't lying. Now I know why they're more then the USPS for international. Yea for free shipping because I spent an absurd amount.


Funny enough it's going to arrive before a UPS order from Missouri that shipped on the same day.

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I got a package in today--this




--which inexplicably traveled from California to New Jersey before heading back to Texas. Makin' the rounds, yo.



UPS has their major international hub in Louisville, so that's probably the what of the what with that.

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Normally I wait until I have stuff in hand before posting, but shipments from overseas seem to arrive on their own schedule and it's a slow day.  All links are either company promotional images or CMON / P&P posts where the artist shows off their commission with more pics.  Weakened Eurozone, hooray!

Ares Mythologic

Excelsy (54mm) P&P Gallery

Moon Sword (54mm) Image

Degra aka Edgar Skomorowski

Cyenarir (32mm) Image


Carmina (32mm) Image (I needed a banner for MS to enjoy)

Trollus Lunae Bellicus (54mm) Image

Lharm Sheõd (32mm) Image

The Prowler - double version (54mm) Image 1 Image 2 (I'm assuming this means two heads are included, but I guess I'll find out)

Last Sigh (32mm) Image

Rhymaiss (32mm) Image


Gokan, the Guardian (54mm) P&P Gallery

Origen Art

Dasco the Vampire (32mm) CMON Gallery

El Final de la Batalla (30mm) CMON Gallery 1 CMON Gallery 2

Sirena (70mm) CMON Gallery 1 CMON Gallery 2

Scale 75

Crusader (75mm) Image

Jessica Thunderhak (75mm) P&P Gallery

Wood & Leather paint set

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