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Have you looked at Ral Partha Europe ?

www dot ralparthaeurope dot co dot uk remove the spaces and replace (dot) with (.)

the co is actually co. It is not com.


I haven't looked through their site in a while to see what they have.



I did, they dont have the horse and they dont have the female genies.

Ironwind calculates 20 dollars for an order under 50, so that is a lot of shipping for a few minis.

They offer free international but then I would have to order for 250 dollar. Which I wont.


So wait for Ebay I guess.

I found the Dark Hag there too after all.


Do you have any nearby friends that could combine an order from IWM to help get to the free shipping option?




No, so Ill have to scrounge the net for other options.

Which I like doing btw.


There is a certain satisfaction when you obtain a mini youve been searching for.

So on to the  quest of finding these.

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Oohhhh I ebayed...


Got the Ral Partha Dark Hag on Nightmare.

Pricey but i wanted this for my Undead Horde so bad.

The undead horse is one of the best Undead horse sulpts I've seen.


Soon Soon she will arrive...



Ooh, I got that horse from Iron Wind. It's a wonderful undead horse! (They don't sell the rider any more, though)
Another nice undead horse is Privateer Press's Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire.



You made me look.


Indeed a nice undead horse, but it looks a bit bulky, I am not sure it will fit in with the rest of the horde,.

As a standalone she will be on my wish list.

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So after a trip to a local GW store I have 3 things.


Citadel Golden Griffon (dry)

Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade (shade)

Citadel Fine Detail Brush




Ordered a mini for a good friend. I will not have it in hand until Next Week a minimum

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FRP order arrived today:


Myth Item Expansion 1

Myth Quest Expansion 2

Reaper Mini - Kyla, Bounty Huntress (for my wife's character starting next weekend)

Reaper Mini - Pathfinder Leader (was crazy cheap)

Reaper Mini - Koriak Azermen (DKS tutorial sold me on it)


Also, I swung by the FLGS on the way home and decided to try out two things:

P3 Mixing Medium

Secret Weapon Flesh Wash

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My table war case finally came in. The Mr took some pictures for me so I could see it. It's the perfect color. ^_^ And a bit larger than I thought it would be o_o!!!! Its about the size of my desk monitor and its deep. I forgot to buy some of the trays that sit in the trays so I'll have to get creative there but Narthrax will take up 70% of the space anyways and I won't need the racks anyway.

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You got the regular size correct? I've been thinking about getting the half size. Probably will wait till next year as I really only need it if I go to reaper con again.

I got the Mini case apparently. Its a nice size. If Narthrax doesn't go in there then I could comfortably fit my other entries and excess.

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I have acquired a ganglion cyst on my left wrist, does that count?

I didn't post about it last week because I forgot, but I did get a couple pieces of styrofoam at the dollar tree and a few set dressing pieces meant for dollhouses (a pack of "wooden" bowls and a wheelbarrow) from Michael's. Spent about $10 total.


ETA: Forgot to say that the styrofoam is to make buildings and the like with, possibly for the nephew's Thomas and Friends Trackmaster train set, possibly for CAV, but it is just good to have some on hand anyway.

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