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 High magnification and good brushes - and lots of swearing, lol. That's how you paint anything.



 Walking out of Stop & Shop today I saw a table full of books, cds and dvds. Apparently, it was stuff donated to help this thing they were doing with the Jimmy Fund. In order to get a book/movie/cd you had to buy three scratch tickets - tickets were a dollar each and the money went to the Jimmy Fund.


 I'm always up for $3 movies, books or music, so I dug around a bit to see if there was anything interesting. And definitely found a dvd I needed to have.


I scratched off my tickets and won a free yogurt (normally 69 cents), which wasn't too bad.


I also got Tom Hank's Mazes and Monsters on dvd. That was awesome... ::D: ::D: ::D:


So I got a hard-to-find movie on dvd and a free yogurt. Not too bad for $3.

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So today I went to Edinburgh to meet up and paint with Damenace and Cassu.  As usual for me and paint days, I did not leave empty handed.




That's a Ral Partha Severyan Winged Dragoon (intended to represent my Cavalier in haldir's Giantslayer PbP) and an Anima Tactics Genma.


I also went to Forbidden Planet for Freee Comic Day and walked away with 5 titles:



While I was ther I picked up the Legends of Red Sonja book and even got one of the artists to sign it for me.  Thanks Cassu!


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Latest haul:

  • 03608: Aquatic Familiars II
  • 60134: Isabella Locke
  • 02476: Lorna The Huntress
  • 03682: Willow Greenivy, Witch
  • 50307: Mr Grimm
  • 03559: Zala Natar, Huntress


And from Reapercon (I think I manged this much. Correct me if I'm wrong, Ub3r.):

  • Bob Ridolfi's Barbarella
  • 02948: Familiar Pack VII
  • 03578: Familiar Pack XI
  • 03612: Aquatic Familiars III


EDIT: Forgot to mention my Hasslefree order:

  • HFH015 Gayle
  • HFH025 Nubian female with spear
  • HFH068 Boudi (metal)
  • HFE006 Shimmer (b)

Boudi is my most likely candidate for Diana the Acrobat.

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Also forgot to mention that I ordered an Arcadia:



...which won't be here until next month.


And from FRP Games: Privateer Press' The Devil's Shadow Mutineers and Bombshell Babes Delzira - Demon Princess.

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Just ordered the following:


02097: Ivan Von Helstein
02095: Angel Of Mercy
02093: Van Storme
02092: St. Tarkus, Dire Dead
02090: The Deathmistress
02088: Argus Stronghoof
02086: Faramere Of Vestonia
02085: Magda Mintsilver
02082: King Angus Stormhand

02080: Golgoth The Ancient
01557: 2015 ReaperCon Sophie
01558: 2015 Convention Mousling


That leaves me with just 33 blisters missing from a complete run from #2000-3000 in my Dark Heaven collection.


The Egg 

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Ah... I can live without that one. it kind of sounded like it was a lot closer to the actual Barbarella than just a generic space opera chick.

I imagine that's as close as Reaper will get for some time.
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