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Acquired two Samsung Edge+ phones, today . . . and then unacquired them two hours later. Got home and finally figured out that the phones cost twice as much and monthly bill would be half again as much as the woman told us. I was pretty displeased. Wife had to have a new phone, as hers just broke, but I surely did not, having only pulled the trigger because of the prices quoted. Went through a bit of a rigmarole with the people at the store--woman who messed us up was gone, of course--but they finally did us right. I was ready to drop plans and go elsewhere, heh. But since they turned it around, decided to stay. We instead got the wife a Note 4, which I thought was silly--it costs nearly as much as the new ones. But it was indeed less, and she says she likes it more (she had a Note 2 before). So we'll see. We can afford the new one, and I guess it's cool and all, but I just can't justify some things to myself. Especially when I'm told one thing and it turns out to be another.



Oh. And.




My preeeesssshhioussss.


Ugh, pardon the corgi hair.

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Just got notice that part of my KD:M rewards shipped...

Just wave 1, which is promos, messengers, resins and I think the pinups. Core game and survivor pledge rewards are wave 2, which are still en route from China to the distribution centers. Currently KD is testing their home office fulfillment for full wave 1 US shipping, which may have started (Adam goes mum when the days get long). They will then shift over to RoW and alternate US/RoW in ascending order of complexity/size.


I'm a resin beta backer, Adam has said our copies are going to be airmailed to him in NYC to ship out, so we can get them 'a couple weeks' before the regular backers start getting their games.


I'll post here when I get it. I have a pretty sizeable order of extras, so I don't expect to see mine until maybe October unless he's brought on a lot of new help for shipping.


Yeah, small box of rewards...I should have gotten more base inserts.




Your small reward box includes:

1 x White Speaker: Plastic

1 x Regeneration Suit: Plastic (ppin_6)

2 x Allison the Twilight Knight: Plastic (ppin_12)

1 x Promo: Candy and Cola (kss_3)

2 x Messenger of Courage (kss_5)

1 x Messenger of Humanity (kss_8)

2 x Beyond the Wall (kss_10)

1 x Stone Face Base Inserts x10 (base_1)

1 x Thsirt 2XL ( xxl)

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