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That's pretty amazing for just 3 bucks, pcktlnt!!

Yup! First big score of miniatures since I started thrifting 6 or 7 years back. :D


Probably use these all as practice pieces to rebase to 1 inch metal washers. The bases are 30 mm. I have the terrain and cards to go with the figures too, but pretty sure no one in my group is going to play the minis game.



Dude, I paid $3 for one of those dragons when I picked up a fethload of HeroScape minis from my FLGS last summer. :grr: Unbelievable!


(Conga rats, by the way.)


Thanks! I'm going to visit this thrift more often in the next few days to see if any more turn up. ^_^


And $3 for the dragon isn't too bad. Nice details for a pre-painted. ^_^

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Top Posters In This Topic

*check his desk*


Good morning, Field Reporters.  Well, the inbox is full this morning.  Nicely done.



I had fun doing the ~role play~ part for this topic and I am sorry I haven't been able to keep it up.  Unfortunately, I lost all extra time for the rest of June to continue making well considered responses.


This is good for my job as it means I continue getting paid and I'll likely have some bonus money to spend on my hobby of which I am sure Reaper will get a cut.


If someone wants to keep the gag going, feel free.  I nominate One Boot and Oober Nerd.  Otherwise, just keep the spirit going and post your reports.


As you were.



Field Report :: Stonehaven Miniatures


Received my minis last week and have posted a review of the Grippli on my blog.


My daughter and I both got some minis from Stonehaven.  I think they are all nicely detailed and interesting minis.

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 Apparently, I'm going to be acquiring a hand-me-down airbrush at some point in the near future... :bday:

(Without a compressor. ::(: )


 A guy at work picked it up years ago to paint an RC boat he never quite finished building, and lately he's doing some physical and spiritual spring cleaning since he got some bad health news. He offered it to me before about a year ago, but I'm likely to end up using the damn thing as often as he did so I turned it down back then. (Particularly since he doesn't have a compressor for it, which is the reason I never got one of my own.)

Anyway, he offered it to me again, so I figured what the heck...

I'm pretty sure my old man's got some sort of small compresor out in the garage somewhere, and I can probably come up with a few things to do with an airbrush.


One of the local craft stores sells blank t-shirts for dirt cheap, so I'll probably pick up some fabric paints and stencils and do up a few shirts - I used to work as a screenprinter, but screenprinting is an expensive hobby to start up and extremely time-consuming, so airbrushing will work as a cheap alternative.

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Field Report :: Thursday, June 12th, 2014 :: Undisclosed Location, The Netherlands


Sir, Private Damenace reporting for duty!


About 2 weeks ago, I was helping out at my flgs (he has a lot of work, and only so much time). We where re-counting the warhammer stock and our codex pile. I got an old school metal Karl Franz for my troubles, and picked up some old roleplay books which where hiding in between the codexes: D&D 4e MOMA & Adventurers vault, warhammer fantasy rpg add-on book (forgot which one).


Currently expecting my stonehaving elves somewhere soon, but somebody seems to have misplaced them in Belgium...

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Field Report:: Thursday, June 12th 2014 :: Jacksonville, FL  USA, Earth


Conducted a preliminary reconnaissance of Borderland Comics and Games.


Comics: took up approximately half of the retail space with the rest being taken up by RPGs, Board Games and Miniatures.


Miniatures: A large majority were GW figures, appeared to be a 60/30/10 split between 40K, WHFB and LotR.  Had a small selection of Reaper Dark Heaven, Bones, Pathfnder and Chronoscope.  Figuresof note were Kaladrax, two Cthulhu, Frumity, Shoatama and a 2013 RCon Sophie.  Other manufacturers/lines of note were: WarmaHordes, Flames of War, Dreadball, Distopian Wars, and BattleTech. 


Paints and accessories:  A surprising selection were observed.  GW, MSP, VMC Game Color, a few P3 army core colors, Army Painter sprays and dips.  Basing materials and accents from GF9.  A few terrain pieces from Pegaso.  A selection of brushes (had spots for WN7s but were out).


Store also had a half dozen gaming tables in another area of the store.  The store was clean and well lit, with no noticeable "gamer funk".  Recon cut short by boredom of non-gamer driver and lack of food.


Samples retrieved:

50300: Blood Nebula Mercenary

77020: Young Fire Dragon

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Father's Day has come a bit early to the Eagle household. Bones air-drop came in this past week, and I got to open it when it came:


- 2x PF Red Dragon

- 2x Young Fire Dragon (1 has been commandeered by Myn)

- PF Goblin Pyros

- PF Goblin Warriors

- PF Goblin Warchanter

- Fire Dragon

- Sample paint (seems to be a bubblegum pink)


Then Myn and I had Friday off together, so we popped into Hobby Lobby. Craft paint was on sale so we picked up several bottles to get our paint collection kickstarted. More importantly though, there was an Iwata beginners Airbrush learning kit marked down from $40 to $9. I ordered the last piece I need to get my airbrush going (moisture trap) today along with a vertical mouse and some brush paper. Also bought some more cheapo brushes at Wally World (probably going to hit Michaels Monday or Tuesday and get at least one good brush). All in all, a successful weekend, and we still have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off together!

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Damage at the Reaper booth at Origins (so far):


9011 Leaf Green

9018 Sky Blue

9064 Brown Liner

9065 Grey Liner

9066 Blue Liner

9088 Stormy Grey

9102 Coppery Orange

9235 Red shadow

9236 Black green (Green shadow?)

9270 Shadow Green

61128 Gamma shield gold

29806 Fireball orange

01530 Mouse with no name

01529 2014 Artists banquet miniature


Also added


P3 Pig Iron

P3 Quick Silver

GW Ironbreaker

Vallejo GC 863 gunmetal grey

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"Old" being kinda relative, I think they've been black labelled since '06 or so. Mine were just... older. :ph34r:


And unlike my white label Molten Bronze, still perfectly serviceable. Just required far too much shaking to get the paint to behave properly...

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