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I just received notification that the following Master Series figs have arrived for me:


Monique De Noir

Pirate vs Sea Monster

Queen of the Jungle

Reptus Lizardman

Maria Roseblade

Ellen Stone

Dragon Summoner


Just a few more to get my hands on and I'll have a full set.


The Egg

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Top Posters In This Topic

So I have been remiss in posting here....
From our Hosts:
Holiday Paint Kit:
Snake Demon (03766):
Xvart Carolers (01592):
From Amazon:

The King in Yellow, the Book that was the Inspiration to a Kickstarter of Xmas Cards I backed

Author-- Robert W. Chambers
Country-- United States
Language-- English
Genre-- Decadent literature, horror, supernatural
Publisher-- F. Tennyson Neely
(Original)Publication date-- 1895!!!

Kick Starters:
DCC Holiday Adventure with Scratch Off Character Sheets:
From Tre Manor's Warbands of the Frozen North:
Spare Wizards...
Extra Archers (one an Elf!)
Looters (Thieves):
Barbarians / Knight(?):
From Vanguard Insignia, Regimental Crests from the 1st Bn, 33rd Armored, the unit I served in when I was in Germany from 1984-1986, and that my WWII Flames of War Armies are built from, as well as the Team yankee Force I am currently painting for a friend are from....
One is for my Steampunk Top Hat...
From Far Future my 4518th Lift Infantry T shirt:
(Thanks warlordgarou!!)
That's the lot for the moment....
We will see what Santa brings.....

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Well I did have a nice list of stuff I got on the Steam sale posted. Ye gods.

I have resisted so far. Steam sales have messed with my head for PC game purchases. I am literally thinking thoughts like "it is only 50% off...it might be a better deal in another sale."

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I have acquired an "E" and an "N".

And I am disappointed.

Let me explain.


I recently found out that Kraken rum, a most excellent black spiced rum by the way and highly recommended, was running a promotion of a free measure/shot glass attached to their bottles. If you collected all 6 glasses they spelled out KRAKEN.

That promotion has now ended, and I cannot release the KRAKEN!

I can only release the EN!

I now haz a sad. :down:

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Acquired all AOW games and DLC I didn't have already...


Also I found this in a Pet Store, at the aquarium dpt.


It will become a fantastic base for a Dragon or Giant...maybe a battle scene with a wizard or something.


The Reaper mini is for size reference.




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Haven't posted in here in a while, because I really haven't been buying all that much - seeing twenty twenties of miniatures waiting to be painted has a calming effect on the purchasing plans, it seem... 

... but, well, it's Christmas, so...




First part of my recent Hasslefree order - Major Stephanie, super-soldier out of time, and the team she's assembled to fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Dream - Ekaterina and Rowen, former Black Room super-operatives, Support Guy Oscar - site set up, hacker, support, and designated marksman, and pilot Victoria ("Vic") Stromberg, who flies the team's various aircraft, especially the infamous Quadcopter. Also Vince - felon and criminal, who has somehow made himself indispensable to the team, and Maya - foul-mouthed and blunt team admin, or mastermind behind the whole operation, nobody is really sure. 




And the fantasy side of things - including an armature that might end up as a super-android for the Major's team?




My Twelve Days of Reapermas order...




... and finally, an order from FRP, including some Counterblast Neirans, because, well, they're cool, and they were significantly on discount, so...

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