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Toro 518 ZE electric-start gas-powered snowblower


It's a small one, but then I didn't even particularly need a snowblower - the driveway's only two cars wide and about thirty feet long. But, my father likes his toys, and it's a pain to keep loading the big blower into the truck and drag it back and forth between his girlfriend's place and this house... So he bought this one to keep over here. And thus I now have a snowblower.


So now doing the driveway has been cut down from half an hour of shoveling to about fifteen minutes of pushing the blower, and I'll be able to grow even fatter and lazier during the winter... :rolleyes:

You gonna duel with Buglips now???
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Poor impulse control means that a copy of "Pike & Shotte - For King and Country" is now on its way to me, adding another 82 minis to my collection.  I swear, once I finish painting the stuff that I need for AdeptiCon, I will spend months assembling new toys.


And, a friend who owed me gave me a chunk of his pledge for Warpath, so now I have a bunch of Enforcers as well.  At some point, I will have to assemble them as well.

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Acquired: today a strange package showed up in the mail, I was definitely not expecting it:




It appears to be in a strange script, addressed directly to me.




A sugary Christmas, looking good so far.




A Christmas greeting from someone!


*gasps* It's a trap! Inside is an alarm to summon W.O.O.F.!!!!!!!!!




This fridge magnet couldn't get any more Dutch if it tried. ::D:




MIJN STROOPWAFELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks so much to Xherman for sending all of this to me, it really brightened me up after the day I was having. I definitely wasn't expecting this, so it came as a complete surprise. Reaper forumites are the best! ::D: :wub:

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So my new airbrush handle arrived today, so I fitted it to my new Iwata HP=SB+ airbrush....




hopefully, I will get to try it out this weekend...

Having had experience with these, I already cropped this to my liking....


PS. Nice one Pezler!

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