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So, this post has nothing to do with the Darkspawn army project, but it was too cool not to post.


This past weekend, I stopped by a local game store, and look what I found in their 50% off clearance bin!






I'll have to try and get this painted before the new version arrives.

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Alright, back to the cultist. I've pretty much finished up the skin. I highlighted up to RMS Ghost White, and shaded down to GW Dark Reaper. Then, I applied a wash of GW Thraka Green, and hit the tips with a wash of GW Baal Red. I was inspired to try the reddish tips after seeing the Illithids in my 3.5 Monster Manual. I know I like them on the face tentacles, but I have mixed feelings about the body. Also, seeing the pictures here, I notice I missed some tips on the ground.






Right now, you can see I've gone with the glossy black eyes. I made several failed attempts to insert a couple points of light reflection. This guy has some seriously deep eye sockets, and I have not yet been successful. If I can't get the reflection points, I might go back to shiny eyes similar to his minion buddy.

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I got some more time in on the cultist this afternoon, and I'm calling the mini done at this point. All that's left is painting the base and adding a tuft of grass or two. I probably could have bumped up the highlights on the cloak a notch, but I'm okay with the result as-is for a gaming mini. Once I finish the base, I'll post some pretty pictures in Show Off.






My in-laws' cats are visiting for the next couple weeks, and they are taking up residence in my hobby room. Therefore, I figured it would be a good time to work on the Bones LTPK. Since it is all self-contained, I can work on it easier on the dining table. So, temporary hiatus on this project, but look for my updates on the Group/Open thread.

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