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Vampire/Werewolf (not the game)


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The Vampire Literature thread reminded me of this...


Back when I was in the Navy and on deployment, we happened to be watching Underworld on the mess decks and it sparked the following poll (6 months at sea will make the weirdest stuff entertaining)


If you had a choice, which would you rather be, a vampire or a werewolf, and why?


(Those are your only options, not neither, both, or any other monster, just those 2; remember it was based on watching Underworld)

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Sounds like I'm due for a werewolf transformation..................FOR I WAS BORN ON A FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! 

Vampires are gross. They are meant to be gross. They do not glitter and glow in the sunlight, they do not sparkle with love and want to whisk you away to love you forever in some romantic castle. See,

I have to say werewolf. In part because you get to be "part man, part dog. I'm my own best friend" lol

If I had a choice?!? :blink:






Remember how I said there were these Indo-european stories of secret night warriors who headed out in dreams to do battle with vampires (and / or witches and the dead and Turks and etc., depending on the locality and century) to save the crops and the souls of the villagers, and that's where the stories of vampires came from -- they were simply faceless boogiemen in someone else's story?


Well, the someone elses -- those dream fighters -- were, in at least one place, werewolves.


So yeah. I'd be fully on the werewolf side of the equation.


Vampires, blech phooey.


(As one of my college friends was wont to say.)

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Kinda depends on which version we're talking about for each. Assuming Underworld, Vampire.Lights LK up with an AK-47 loaded with silver bullets.


Hush, you. You're already staked.


He getting better.  /plaintive


wow, less than a page to get to paraphrase of Python.  I didn't see that coming.

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Your vote doesn't count until you've stated why.
I want to sparkle?




I'd rather be the immortal hunter who never ages like in Underworld. The dogs are guardians, big shaggy smelly beasts. No offense Wolf ;)

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