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Vampire/Werewolf (not the game)


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 If you see humans chasing the postal workers, we expose the wolvies. :)

Or tracking said our order of Bones II should have been delivered that day and we want to make darn sure they didn't miss it.


Worth the trade off. We would be down a few in food supply, but think of all the minis we can take from the situation. Silver linings man. Silver linings. :)

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Sounds like I'm due for a werewolf transformation..................FOR I WAS BORN ON A FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! 

Vampires are gross. They are meant to be gross. They do not glitter and glow in the sunlight, they do not sparkle with love and want to whisk you away to love you forever in some romantic castle. See,

I have to say werewolf. In part because you get to be "part man, part dog. I'm my own best friend" lol

Grudgingly I will point out, having been reminded by rewatching the movie, that both vampires and werewolves are immortal in the Underworld universe. In case that influences anybody's choices.

I had to look up this information. Apparently there is a difference between the original werewolves and the lycans that came after them. So, I'm guessing a majority of the people who wanted to be werewolves in the underworld lore meant to be lycans. The original werewolves were savage and had no control of their powers and could not revert to human form even after death.


Yea, I know semantics and all that. :P


From reading, vampires are kind of weak in this world. Though, that ability to read memories through the ingestion of blood is nice. I wonder if you could bite a person in this current generation and read back through time. That would be a fun ability to have.


"Vampires have a law which is decreed in their Covenant. Some of these laws include:


Vampires are not allowed to delve into the past





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In the first movie at least, there was no differentiation between the terms werewolf and lycan and it was quite clear that whatever they were called the modern lycans were included when the term immortal was used.


Edit: man, autocorrect really doesn't like the word lycan. ::):


Edit the 2nd, for Great Clarity!: just wanted to say I am aware of the crazy werewolves as well, wasn't saying they didn't exist, just that they don't negate current lycan immortality.


Edit the 3rd, for Shared Outrage!: I agree with the Boo Hiss for that silly law about not reading the past.

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Eh, I'll stick with my choice of being a vampire. Lots of pretty females. No clue about the lycan forces. I know they can date humans since they don't have that law. Vampires are suppose to stay away from humans and never feed directly on humans. (What are these silly laws??)

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I got to go with vampire as well, immortality is just hard to beat, and I prefer to not loose control and kill those I love due to some moon phase.

You'd rather lose control and kill those you love due to them being tasty blood donors? :upside:
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They should make a sexy female werewolf movie.

There have been some sexy female werewolves on TV. Currently there is Laura Vandervoort in Bitten:


And on The Gates, there was Rachel DiPillo:


And Brit Morgan on True Blood:



Edited to add: Looking at Talae's list, I feel bad I missed Kristin Hager, she definitely counts as a sexy werewolf:


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