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StoneHaven Miniature Pop-Up Terrain Kits Kickstarter

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Gorey had a pop up book for Dracula... and once you reminded me.... Yeah, I can see the similarities.   But I am an enormous Gory fan... and can recite the entirety of the The Gashlycrumb Tinies Alp

Come over to the paper side,   we will let you use the sacred glue, scissors and coloured pencils!

Stonehavens Terrain Kit Kickstarter is now live.   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2087444096/pop-up-miniature-terrain-kit   It's a little different as it's for "pop up" style terrain.  

I got mine yesterday and have already put together the Gazebo. I don't think the pictures did this justice at all. They are much nicer in person. Not too hard to put together either, just a little time consuming.


The Gazebo took uuh, about 85ish minutes to put together what with waiting on glue drying and finding bits.

I know I put on Crocodile Dundee when I started working on it and it was at the dinner party/proposal scene near the end when I finished up. I know I was going a little slow though since it was my first one and I was referencing the instructions.


As a weight test the Gazebo will barely hold one of the older 40k metal dreadnoughts. It will hold it, but the entire structure sags/compresses a bit so I pulled it back off before it could collapse.

I threw on a variety of human sized metal and bones figs and it supported them fine though with no real sag or compression of the pieces. I went up to a mix of 5 metal/bones figs on top.


I posted a small video of the finished Gazebo for a friend. If I remember, i'll move it to my flickr and tack it onto this post later today.

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Oh, I know foamcore is stout stuff. I've actually built my current paint rack out of it.

There are a couple of internal corners on the Gazebo you could easily hide a foamcore piece in once it's folded out. I have some odd bits I'll fool around with tonight and see how well it actually works.

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Oh, I know foamcore is stout stuff. I've actually built my current paint rack out of it.

There are a couple of internal corners on the Gazebo you could easily hide a foamcore piece in once it's folded out. I have some odd bits I'll fool around with tonight and see how well it actually works.

Me too: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55437-talaes-shelf-of-shame-gets-a-level-up/

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Hubby persuaded me to change to the color set again, I'm hoping that I can at least access the sepia PDF early.  I'm not going to have any time to assemble terrain in November, I'm usually swamped with baking and birthday/Christmas stuff. 


The beta pdfs are out! The beta pdfs are out! :D


So now that it's Not November, can the TinyBluberries assemble these, too? I'm curious which terrains are kid-friendly.


@MissMelons: Lemme know which terrains are husband-friendly!


Gluing two sheets together is a pain, but I found this link. Any papercrafters please advise before I glue and cut something I shouldn't!




Just to be clear, my TinyBluberries probably can't assemble anything (5 and 7 years old).  I have hopes for my SmallBluberries (age 12 & 16).  Guess I need to plan a trip to get printouts and supplies.  ^_^

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Got my Sepia versions... AWESOME!  And several days of work.  :(






I plan to do the foam board backing for the base pieces.  Sturdier use and better protection of the just paper pieces.

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I've already started as well.  First I put the Adventurers shop together, and then the Gazebo, just got finished an hour ago. 


A question for the more experienced paper-crafters out there.  Any suggestions on how to get the Adventurers Shop to lay flat?  Mine doesn't seem to want to. 

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