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StoneHaven Miniature Pop-Up Terrain Kits Kickstarter

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I'm backing. I think a portable graveyard I can drop on a gaming table will be quite useful. The outpost and gazebo will probably see use as proxy guard towers, and ruins usually pop up over most dungeon crawl locations. Even the engineworks, with the doors and totemy looking pole, will see use as part of a tribal village. I could easily see orcs or goblins residing there:


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Gorey had a pop up book for Dracula... and once you reminded me.... Yeah, I can see the similarities.   But I am an enormous Gory fan... and can recite the entirety of the The Gashlycrumb Tinies Alp

Come over to the paper side,   we will let you use the sacred glue, scissors and coloured pencils!

Stonehavens Terrain Kit Kickstarter is now live.   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2087444096/pop-up-miniature-terrain-kit   It's a little different as it's for "pop up" style terrain.  

Does it unfold into that neato shape? That would be super handy to store if it did...

Exactly. That seems to be the point of the project.

I've been waiting for things like this. I have some other pop-up stuff and they have been fantastic for quickly setting up elaborate scenes.


Conversely, most of my other 3-D stuff doesn't get used for RPG's due to set-up time and portability.

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@Sanael: you make very good points for when this stuff would come in very practical.  It doesn't apply to me because I've been running games out of my house for my friends, but if you play in someone else's place often, I can see it coming in handy.

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Is there info as to what exactly comes in the physical pledge levels? I can't seem to find it on the page (and the video is caught by the firewall). Is a "full kit" one of each hex (five currently)?

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"The Original Goal

Will fund the creation of a kit for making five 12" across (14" from furthest corner to furthest corner) hexagonal pop-up settings. Along with simple written & comprehensive video instructions."


I think they left the numbers out of the pledge levels because the stretch goals will be added automatically.

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I like the initial stuff but I would love the Viking Village stretch goal.  My campaign world is Norse based.  In for a full set.


Luckily I am flush and plus for finances for a bit.

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Well I'll always check out anything that Stonehaven does, they've earned that, but this one isn't for me; I guess I'm just not a terrain-using guy. Wish them the best of luck with their campaign though!

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OK.  So this is one instance where watching their video is helpful as that's much larger then I originally thought.  Not for me but I can see why people would enjoy them as they do look to sore quickly--though I'm sure assembly is a pain.

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