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The Die Antwood video was the weirdest thing to happen to my brain in a long time. The ... uh... boyfriend... reminded me of some people I grew up around; that missing-all-his-front-teeth lisp. Characteristic of guys who've been punched in the face once too often.. or who've copped angry high-speed livestock to the face... or took their amateur rugby to the NEXT LEVEL but without a mouthguard.


In my fullest rural accent: Reminded me of the old place. Except for the buggering Catholic school girls bit, eh? We didn't get up to much a' that out my way.

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I never realized just how long Slow Ride was until I was trying to play it on Guiter Hero 3 or something while drunk. :lol: That took a whole lot more effort than I wanted! :lol:



Of course, one of the next songs I chose to play was one that was ridiculously fast:




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Through the Fire and Flames was described by a friend of mine as "the song that makes everything more epic," and I'm inclined to agree.


Anne, that was super-duper awesome, it sounded pro! Your family is incredibly talented, it had a great sound, and I loved the lyrics. :)


Right now, I'm listening to Bob and Doug McKenzie and laughing. My dad introduced my siblings and me to the Great White North Album when we were younger. My mom eventually took the CD away and hid it because after three weeks, she was getting tired of us all talking with outrageous Canadian accents. ::D:


I recently got a new, 8gb mp3 player, which kinda blows my mind considering the one I've been using all this time has been 1gb, and I thought THAT was a lot when I first got it. ^_^ I'm having way too much fun putting this thing on random and getting everything from the Blue Man Group to Amethystium to Gershwin to Bon Jovi to various 80's songs, video game music, and movie soundtracks.


Man, I love having an eclectic taste in music; it keeps life awesome. :lol:



--OneBoot :D

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My parents have always been a huge influence on me musically. I grew up listening to all kinds of crazy, and eventually converted The Dad to a Rock and Roll fan in the '90s with the help of AC/DC and Dire Straits. In 1993 we had a house fire, and among all the other things we lost were our 600+ LPs. One of my favorite things is to hit old vinyl shops with my parents, looking for stuff we used to have.


Monday's soundtrack for me was Ray Lamontagne's 'Til the Sun Turns Black and Iron and Wine's Endless Numbered Days. I've had "Belated Promise Ring" stuck in my head for a few days now.


I've also been listening to a lot of stuff off the Ocarina of Time Soundtrack. Song of Storms ftw.

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