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Dadacubed mentioned Oct. 14 as a potential start date for Bones II. I have a weird habit of remembering odd numbers, so I immediately remembered The Box, and their song from 29 years ago, L'Affaire Dumoutier. The first lines are:


"On the 14th of October
Very early in the morning
The results of a crime were found
In the stables of Le Père Choupant
The old man had discovered
To his absolute dismay
The dislocated body
Of Elizabeth Dumoutier.

So" yeah, you can guess what I am listening to now:

Spoiler alert: “Non coupable, pour cause d’aliénation mentale”


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Sometimes I pull out my concept albums to listen to in whole while painting. This is one I had dusted off recently, and every time it came to this ending song I would burst out in tears (and continue painting). I swear the neighbor who came out on his porch to smoke could see me, sitting at my painting table, bawling while my paint brush continued to sweep over the tiny figure. I wonder what he thought was going on. :blush:


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