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Random fact:   America (the band) was started by US Air Force brats whose fathers were stationed in the UK.   My father was stationed in W. Germany at the same time (-ish). I did not start a band.

So this is pretty cool. Kawehi is a musician I am a big fan of, I have been backing her on kickstarter for a couple years now (she even wrote me a song). One of her more popular reward options is to g

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I've been listening to a really wierd mix of Faderhead and Tim Minchin for the last few weeks, with my usual Lord of the Rings audiobook for when I want to get to sleep : )

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Mostly Slippery When Wet radio on iheartradio (80s hair metal 24/7) thou when I'm home I generally listen to a oldies station out of SF, the Fox (classic rock) out of Denver or Lonestar (classic rock again) out of Dallas. As far as non-iheart stuff. I listen to the Hobbit Deluxe soundtrack, Sully Erna's Avalon or Volbeat's Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (Love the song Doc Holiday!!)

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Just got back from seeing Motley Crue. That was fun...and I kinda wish I was single :)


Spinning in the truck's CD changer:


The Mars Volta - The Bedlam in Goliath

Johnny Cash - American Recordings

Mariza - Fado Tradicional *

Stephane Wrembel - Origins *

Black Sabbath - Live Evil


*What I'm mostly listening to


I just bought some Mussorgsky (Pictures at an Exhibition) that will be slotting in where Sabbath is right now. I'm...eclectic.

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When I had my old car, which had a decent 10" subwoofer and awesome aftermarket speakers, I was known for driving around town with "I Want to Break Free" by Queen blaring. Not only do I like the song, but I also live in a bit of a redneck state so it was always fun to see the looks other people would give me. I would also do this with various techno/trance music. My sisters always said that my car was a rolling gay bar because of it.


As of right now I'm mainly listening to classic rock and various forms of heavy metal. When I go on my bike rides it's a mix of bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Mastodon, The Sword, Rob Zombie, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, and Dethklok. There's also a good bit of Nine Inch Nails, some Ministry, Skinny Puppy and KMFDM, with a smattering of Pink Floyd, Skrillex, and Brendon Small's solo album Galaktikon.


Eventually I'll get around to adding some my collection of Otep, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Tool, A Perfect Circle, System of a Down, Linkin Park, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Hank III, Jimi Hendrix, Rammstein, Oingo Boingo, and Queen to my cell phone. Then my bike ride playlist will absolutely explode. It will still be dominated by metal and rock, but I can just imagine myself going from this or

while riding on the trail.
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I get some strange looks when I'm listening to my album of Turkish folk music recorded in the 20s, blaring out the windows. I hope I don't give some poor trooper a pstd moment, it's just really interesting music.


Update - disc just changed this morning, the sixth slot isn't Sabbath, it's Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - Dap Dippin'. Really good album.

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when trying to focus, it has to be classical. I like the traditional Russian composers, Saint-Saëns, and Offenbach.


workout music is often classic metal.

random household background music is generally 70s/80s classic rock or contemporary collegiate a capella.

dinner music is regularly rat pack era.

Most of that is on iHeart or Pandora.


we listen to a fair amount of Weird Al.

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Just picked up a few albums, filling holes or getting some rare ones:


Bathory - Hammerheart (one of the originators of the "Viking Metal" scene IIRC)


Behexen - The Devil's Chalice (somewhat rare EP)


Behexen - My Soul for His Glory (full length)


I am a bit of a fan of the Finnish Black metal scene...



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      The Light and The Dark
      I can't tell you how much I love this band! they've got a week left in this amazing kickstarter, and you should totally go check it out! 
      From the kickstarter page:
      It’s been over four years since we’ve released an album. That’s about to change. 
      The Light is coming 3/20/20.
      Here’s the plan: We are going back into the studio with the producer of Carry The Fire, Alex Wong, to record two sister albums that will reflect the dual sides of Delta Rae: The Light and The Dark. The Light will be hopeful, soulful, and sun-kissed and released in Spring 2020. It will include songs like “The Wrong Ocean” and “Any Better Than This.” The Dark will be mysterious, witchy and raw and released soon after (on/before March 2021). We will go on an expansive tour with each record, crafting live experiences beyond just music, to bring these worlds to life for you.
      But we need your help. For the past seven years we have been signed to record labels that have helped fund our albums, music videos, photography, and artwork. But as of last month, that has changed. 
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      And we are humbly asking you to help us make our most ambitious project come to life. We made our first album, Carry The Fire, independently with the help of amazing fans on Kickstarter. Together, we learned just what it takes to make an album. So, here’s where your money will go:
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      $10,000 Production
      $3,000 Auxiliary Musicians (Strings, Horns, etc.)
      $10,000 Mixing
      $2,000 Mastering
      $5,000 Physical Production (CD + Art)
      If we raise $60,000, we make The Light and The Dark
      And any additional money will mean we can make *MUSIC VIDEOS* and help spread the word about these two albums. 
      And this is just the beginning. Moving forward — for the first time in a long time — we will fully control and own the music we release. We can make and share live albums, singles, and protest songs whenever we want. This means more mystical music videos and wildly ambitious creative projects. You will be helping to launch all of this. 
      We know we already owe you all so much. And it means the world to us that you have helped us live this dream and make this art for the last 10 years. We appreciate you all more than you know and don’t ask lightly for your hard-earned money and help. But we also know you have made us a part of your lives and built friendships and community around Delta Rae that transcend anything we could do alone. You are a part of our story — the most important part. 
      So let’s have a blast doing this together. Get a big group of friends and host a house party. Pick a song you want to hear us sing. Get psyched for some one-of-a-kind merch. Find the tier that sounds most fun to you. Help spread this campaign so we can make more “Bottom of the River“ and “Dance in The Graveyards”-style epic music videos. 
      Thank you for being a part of this journey, your support and loyalty will help us make this next chapter real. We promise to work harder than ever to build a world of goodness, magic, and feeling through our music. Because you can’t have the light without the dark. And we still carry the fire. 
      Love always.
      Delta Rae
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      With the Bohemian Rhapsody movie being such a succes and knowing a lot of forumites like Queen's music, I was wondering what you would consider to be good covers of Queen's music.
      We all know the original which can't be beaten of course.
      But the music lives on, and as a tribute many bands covered Queen.
      What do you think to be a good cover?
      More than one answer is possible.
      I thought this might be fun.
      So here I go:
       Lords of Black - Innuendo

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      The Weitz Method, created by Andrew Weitz, a Juilliard-educated professional musician, is based on a revolutionary method of music notation called Weitz Notation that allows students to play piano in minutes. Once a student learns the basics of The Weitz Method, they will have the ability to play any song in Weitz Notation. Andrew Weitz wants to bring The Weitz Method to people all over the world via downloadable video lessons.
      Why 'The Weitz Method'
      'The Weitz Method' works by breaking down each song into simple notation using familiar shapes. No need to spend hours learning how to read music! 'The Weitz Method' gives you the freedom to learn the songs you choose immediately. Say goodbye to the typical beginner tunes and hello to your favorite pop melody. With the funds to purchase song rights, 'The Weitz Notation Library' has the potential to grow exponentially.  
      Let's face it: you're busy! With responsibilities, friends and family, your time is at a premium. You deserve the freedom to pursue your passion for music at your own pace. That's why 'The Weitz Method' will consist of a downloadable material that's always ready when you are.

      For more information or to donate, click the link below!
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      Professionally designed background loops for Monte Cook Games' Numenera setting!
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