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So who is excited about ReaperCon 2015?

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I so glad to see that everyone that has significant other's have discovered the perfect way to Marital (not martial) bliss.

"Yes, Dear"..

Since I have a brother that lives in Texas, He is pushing me to go to Reapercon next year.

Might be a perfect excuse for a visit (but it still is in Texas).

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Yeah Texas was pretty nice. For April, I was sort of anticipating heat but it was nice and reasonable. The pollen was pretty much non existent compared to where we drove from so I had no allergy problems. 90% of our time was spent in the hotel though.....AND DANGIT I SWEAR I'M GOING ON A FACTORY TOUR NEXT YEAR. /pouts


Two! Two factory tours to make up for the one I didn't get to go on last trip.

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MissMelons, you didn't take a factory tour? For shame!

Yeah, every time we meant to go we ended up just talking and meeting up with other people instead. Before we knew it, no tours had been taken and we were in the truck on our way home.

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