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So who is excited about ReaperCon 2015?

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There was some mixup with the group rate last year, but contacting the hotel directly straightened things out in every case, as far as I know. I stayed Wed-Sun at the group rate. This year may be different, not an official word; just my experience last year.

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The $80 room rate for the block that Bryan quoted is the non-taxed/fees rate.  $109 per night doesn't sound too crazy once they start slapping on all the extra fees, etc.

I'm not sure what the taxes are but based on my confirmation the $109 rate is the room rate for the non-con night on Wednesday. And the hotel will almost always quote that rate, excluding taxes and their pricey parking options, when you call. Expect (right now) to get $109 for Wednesday and $80 for Thursday through Sunday.


If they say anything different, it's likely a mistake; in my case, she correctly put in the Reaper rate code but didn't look at the rate beyond the first night. In my case, I even told her that I thought that was incorrect and she didn't double-check the subsequent nights. In that case, as long as they asked if you're an attendee I'd just book it and see if your emailed confirmation is correct. If not, you can always call them back and get the correct rate applied.

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More excited now then I was. Plane ticket bought a few days ago & hotel reserved. Games planned sent to Ladystorm & working on what I need for those.



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You realize that the judges don't care whether you do NMM or shaded metallics right? As long as you do it well. You should certainly push yourself on techniques for a competition piece which is really what it is all about. But, if they aren't ready for prime time you are better off coming in with some thing you are confident of pulling off to a high level. 

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