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So who is excited about ReaperCon 2015?

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Off to the 8th of May! Of course I've been looking forward to this one with Rcon but with the way things have been at work.....yes I need this vacation.


Must go finish up rpg minis & start packing!

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I know what you mean, Miss M. 

My baby's out of town on business... New Orleans... and I'm alone in the house with the cats and the dogs and so forth until Wednesday, when she gets back late.

And then I'm flyin' out early Thursday.

The week before the con is always a little stressful... but THIS week's gonna be a bear.

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I just finished doing my peliminary packing. I ended up cutting a lot of miniature stuff out and I still worry that I either have too much stuff or too little. Basically I just spent the last hour arguing with myself about what I need and if I really will have time to paint outside of classes. Good news though, my luggage is only about 25 lbs. It felt heavier to me.

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