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So who is excited about ReaperCon 2015?


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Southwest does not fly into DFW, they only fly into Love Field.


I can really only think about how much pre-con work I have followed by on-site con work. Its hard to get excited about that.


Although, I know it was meant in jest please don't bring a painting contest entry in a bag of water. All I can picture in my head is the Poiseden Adventure.

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14 hour drive is well worth the no luggage fee. :) I am already working on the wife for 2015. It would help greatly to have a reason more than I want to go...


There are two sweet kids that enjoyed the drive this year, that would be utterly at a loss if Mr Melons has to drive again because they wouldn't get there for 16 hours. 

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Amazing. :mellow:


I have the opposite issue. I cruise control because otherwise I go the speed of the music.


And I rarely drive to slow music.


I have to drive with music....and a legal license. @[email protected] Let's just say Miss Melons' past is coming back to haunt her. /cough



My corset came in today. It's green and olive colored, looks nice with my skin color though. ^_^ 


It's two sizes too small. HORRAY! 

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Starts tallying his plundered gold....a few more monasteries, some jotun and perhaps an elf or two and I might be able to make the journy. depends on how deeply the borderguard would have to be bribed. So envious of all you lucky people living within reasonable distance.

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