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So who is excited about ReaperCon 2015?

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For Worldcon we won best party.. I don't know if they won it again at last Chicon or not.  If ReaperCon is big enough, and the hotel and Reaper are willing to let us, I'm hopeful we could come down and throw a bash at least once.

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If I recall the hotel was pretty strict with their policy on when the time is X then GTFO!


I'll never forget-- the first night of the Con, and the hotel turned off the lights in the ballroom around 11pm. There were still a few tables of people socializing & painting with lamp set-ups, etc. It happened so suddenly and someone shouted into the dark, "Um, nice try but we brought our own lights!"  :poke: I think it's at that point where ReaperCon "breaks in" a new hotel-- and the staff realizes just how dedicated we are to this hobby & yearly event.

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Can we have an old boring people floor for us party poopers who go to sleep early? ;->

Yes, please. When we're at a convention we always ask to be on a "non-party floor."


We tend to turn in by 9PM and are awake by 4:30 or 5AM.


One time I had to get up close to midnight to ask a party two doors down from our room -- which wasn't supposed to be there -- to please pipe down or move. It helped that I was barefoot in a long nightgown, pregnant enough that I looked like I had swallowed a basketball, and about a foot shorter than everyone there. I spoke quietly and gently, and the festive giants, mirabile dictu, took it somewhere else.

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