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Looking at your pictures, I could not tell the sword piece was the extra conversion. It conforms to the piece. Only reason I knew  was because to look at your blog post. :)

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      The bodak from FD's Kickstarter. Paul Muller at the top of his game.

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      Another set of minis painted as a learning session for the girlfriend. Basing isn't done.:

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      Time for some evil canines! Tre Manor of Red Box Games sculpted the mighty Fenris wolf, a really nice resin miniature which was just a joy to prep, assemble and paint. I mostly followed this tutorial which I thought was quite nice, but substituted with Reaper paints. Hope you like the way I painted him, I'm happy with how he turned out, but am actually tempted to at some point get another of these and paint up in black with glowing red eyes for a more nightmarish look.

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      Taking pics when a mini is nearing completion helps in spotting problems that might otherwise be missed. In this case I've redone the right eye and touched up the one hand since these were taken.

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      Two Pumpkin Head Bears from Fenris.

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