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Please Help: Rangers Project: Salamander Mech 15mm KS problems

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I'm cross posting this from Dakkadakka as I know there are a bunch of 'industry' connected types on here. This is the KS he's referring to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/17 ... le-miniatu


As backers of this KS are probably aware, the Salamander project received a lot of funding. Though this elevated scale of production caused delays, we had all the masters made and most of the final resin castings done.

Unfortunately there's a big problem. For the last month Chris Gotcher (the guy running it all) has been off the grid, no contact with me or any of the subcontractors involved in production, nor any general internet presence. He isn't answering his phone, and product shipments to his home have bounced back to at least once subcontractor.

It's hard to truly confirm what's happened to him, but the "ran with the money" theory doesn't seem to fit, seeing as almost everything has been made, just waiting to be shipped.


So, getting to the point. I have made contact with the caster who made all the basic Salamander kits and he's willing to work with me, but I'm unable to locate the caster/s that were assigned add-on parts. In order for me to salvage delivery operations I want to gain control of those add-ons.

I'm asking as many people as I can involved in the minis biz to help me find these casters. If you know anything, let me know.


And just in case you're unsure where I fit into this project. The miniature is my design and falls under my own IP, the Rangers Project, so I'm about the only guy who can take this thing over and finish it for the backers.



(image showing the cast main kit that the forum won't let me post for some reason)


you can PM him via Dakka here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/us ... 83389.page, or if you have info but don't want to sign up to Dakka I'm happy to pass on the info

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From reading around, plus the KS comments it seems very unlikely that the project creator has just run off with the cash


as it's mostly been spent on successful casting already, leaving 'only' the postage cash, plus he's apparently known to be reliable,


which leaves ill health, family crisis (or I guess being sent somewhere for work where communications are not possible depending on what his 'real job is)


somebody hopefully knows either what's happened to him, or at worst which company/individual he contracted the casting of the add on weapons and infantry to so people can get as much of their reward as possible

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It wasn't hard figuring out where he lives but it goes about that far. Found Anthony's facebook, but couldn't find Chris'. I probably could but I was doing it from a Cell Phone. The one I did find of his though hadn't had much activity since April and the last time he was on Kickstarter was May 15. I'm not entirely fond of where his place is located though. I didn't take part in this kickstarter but this disappearance sparked my desire to help. I do hope that eventually a 'welfare' check is done at his place to ensure that he is okay. I imagine that if it was something sudden and unexpected, his family may not even know about the kickstarter community or to give a heads up and the sort. 

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Cross posting from  the IP owner on Dakkadakka


Shimmering Sword

Looks like a visit from the police smoked him out. He lost his job and was hiding away until he got things sorted. A very bad PR move I've told him, but at least he's back. He should post an update to the KS tomorrow.



so not ideal news, but at least communication channels are back open, we'll have to see where it goes from here

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