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Jasonator's Lancelot d' lake

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This is what I have been calling Lance II, since my original miniature was replaced due to a problem.

I've had him sitting around waiting, and decided to paint him up, and since he didn't come with a base,

I had to create my own base this time (this is a first).

So without a whole lot of commentary;

here is lance, going up the ruined stairs with his mace in hand.

Has been fun, I'm rather delighted with the way this turned out.

(my original base was far too complex, and large, and had to be


Gotta make mistakes to learn !

Oh..Lance II is a 25mm Mini (should call it a "Micro-Mini") !


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Wonderful job on this figure Jay, love that you decided to base him as it really does add a lot of character to Lance II! 


Basing is fun isn't it?

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Nice one.


Now that you tried it once, aren't you itching to do MORE with basing? I know you are...  :devil:

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Once I stop laughing I'll write a serious response.. chuckle....


After the initial disaster I thought, this isn't going to happen.

I had a complex design of making a ruined chapelbroken down wall and window out of the cork,

and painting it,putting lance with his back to it.  Once I got it half made I tried out

lance standing in front, it DIDN'T fit !  All that work had to be torn down.

So I said the heck with it,then after I started looking at it, I thought,

why not put two steps in, that he is fighting his way up !

Then for first time used some flock and I stepped back and Liked it !

Yes, it is a great deal of satisfaction.

Its is a lot of fun, and now I can start using bits and pieces of stuff to make fun basing.

Simplicity is a good thing to remember !

Though that chapel window may show up in a future base (even if it is laying on the floor) !

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Basing is like painting, you start out as a beginner and do a few little things here and there and before you know it you are really good at it and it definitely completes the pieces.

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Basing is like everything, you start out as a completely noob and from there, it is all improvement  :;):


It is a matter of taste; I love being able to incorporate some detail that is unique to the mini, at least by basing...

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Ub3r and Willen;

Thank you for your kindness and support !

I'm looking forward to the next Miniature that I base.

I can't imagine NOT basing anymore, unless I don't have a size platform that will

allow me to base the figure. 

You both have had me looking at common things going..oh.. that will look interesting.

That scrap piece of chain, oh yeah !


After years as an engineer, and computer nerd, how great to see something in hand

instead of waiting for years, and seeing nothing for that effort !

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Did you say "Chapel Window!?"  ^_^ These are looking great Jay! I think the key is to just keep playing around with the material and see what you can accomplish. I think I'm biting off quite a bit on my current project. LOL! Love what you're doing here!

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