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Sanael: Sporadic Workbench

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As advertised, I went to Free RPG Day today. Good stuff. Pittsburgh painters unite! UngorEatStefan, Nissiana and I were all there and the owner of the FLGS is happy to host us for a monthly paint day, so once the summer madness of all three of our schedules ends, we'll start trying to make that happen. Exciting! Also, General Tso's Chicken happened while out and about.


Back home, I read through some of the modules picked up at FRGPD and the comic books I picked up across the street from the FLGS. Then I got to sit down for a bit at the paint table. Nissiana was being productive, so I figured I should be, too.


First, I broke out the Brown Liner for my exchange mini, which is a Bones piece. I won't show it here, because I want it to be a total surprise, but I'm going to have some fun with it. Since I had the liner out, I also lined the Oathsworn wizard:




Ye gods, there is a lot of detail on this guy. Every time I lined one detail, I found two or three more! The scale mail under the beard, the key-design trim on his robes, ALL THE THINGS on the head of his hammer...this will be loads of fun. Or tedious as all get-out, but I hope to avoid that by moving quickly.


I also flocked Dannin's base; she'll be in Show Off shortly. (Everything she does, she does shortly...she's a dwarf!  :devil: )


Then I played with the Aurak a bit more. Blended some of the highlights/shadows on his face...decided to bite the bullet and paint his eyes properly; there's actually a pupil there now!...and played a bit with the highlights on the red. Looking much better now, starting to think he might be close to ready for sealer and snow flock, so get your licks in now if you think there's something blatantly wrong!





And that's today. More work on the Beast Mistress tomorrow, and maybe some basecoats on the wizard and my exchange piece.

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Where the hands come out it's reading (to me) kind of magenta/pink in color and I'd make it darker as it's in a shadowed area.

Ah, ok. I think most of what you're seeing as magenta in these photos is the purple edge of the sleeve, but there is some darkening I can do there. Thanks!

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A good bit of time at the table today.


Work on the Beast Mistress' skirt:




This brown is also my new recipe for Dark-skinned humans, which is necessary for my exchange project. I'm not going to show that mini right now, but here's the recipe:




Also, the Dwarf wizard is basecoated. There will be OSL. It's going to be a bear, but it's going to be totally worth it. Also, this guy's beard is amazing and will be loads of fun to paint.





That's today's work. Now it's time for D&D!


Oh, PS: here's my workstation, since I haven't posted this in a while. Four current projects (L to R: exchange, Dwarf Wizard, Beast Mistress, Aurak), a pallette, and so forth. Big window to the left, lots of desk lamps with daylight bulbs.



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Some time today. Not much, but the Beast Mistress is that much closer to finished.


Some rough shading on the metals, a bit of work on the trim of her skirt, the various teeth and tusks about her, and the flag. Not much, but close enough that she may be on her way to sealer after one more session. She needs to look good on the table, is all; after all, I have an army to paint!





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Did a lot of work on the Oathsworn Wizard today. And I managed to snap pics about every 45 minutes through the process!


Upthread, you can see the initial basecoats I put down. Since I didn't at the time, here's the breakdown of the basecoat colors:


The cloak is Deadrose Red (HD), the robes are Military Grey (HD) with Linen White trim, the cuirass and helm are 50/50 PP Coal Black/Blackened Brown, the beard is Concrete Grey (HD) and the hammer and medals are the same as the cuirass with some Ashen Blue mixed in. And the leather and fur are not something I wrote down, but they're some kind of khaki something.


The only thing that really matters is the wand. Thank you Jim Wappell for introducing us to the Vallejo flourescents! Bam, that's bright!


The wand is basecoated in Flouro Orange, then a bit of Sunlight Yellow and Linen White were layered onto the edges.


Anywho. The big thing that needs to happen on this guy is the OSL. I've read enough threads and screwed up one or two pieces enough to know that the shadows are the thing that sells OSL; the rest is just colored highlights. So I started to block in shadows:




They're pretty rough there, but they do the trick. All the shadows, across the entire piece, are Nightmare Black. Which is an awesome color.


The big thing to keep in mind when laying in these shadows is that your light source creates a sphere of light. Imagining the sphere, then putting the shadows anywhere that sphere doesn't reach, then following folds and whatnot to see where the sphere is blocked, is how I placed these. It means that a lot of the basecoats I put down are starting not to matter, as they are in deep shadow.


Next I put in the first, broadest layer of light. Finding the extreme edge of the sphere of light from the wand, then covering everything in that sphere that isn't shadow. At this point, I have some border between the shadow and the edge of the sphere, so there's still a lot of the basecoat color showing. I also mis-place a few bits of light:




The first layer of light is Deadrose Red mixed with Fire Orange, about 50/50.


After that was in, I put down a slightly smaller layer of the same mix with a bit more Fire Orange. All my paints for this are thinned about 50/50 with straight water, and I'm using the feathering technique I discussed recently in the Painting Tips forum to lay it all down.


After the second layer, I put down a layer of pure fire orange. The light is really starting to show now:




Continuing to layer in the light, with Sunlight Yellow and Linen White. There's several layers with varying degrees of both paints in each, but it goes all the way to pure Linen White by the end. At this point, it's worth noting the wand itself hasn't changed at all over this process.


Also, I'm painting the hair exactly as I usually do, but with orange and yellow instead of grey highlights.


I've also been trying to pay attention to the original colors and materials of the clothes: the cuirass and helm are leather and have fairly tight, polished highlights. The robes are a bit more diffuse, and there's a difference between the grey robes and the white trim. Or at least I flatter myself that there is; I was thinking about it when I was painting, anyway.




Now I start paying attention to the shadows again. The shadow layers are Nightmare Black and Ashen Blue, in varying degrees of mixture. The top points of Ashen Blue are very small.




I finally went in with some glazes of Deadrose Red, Nightmare Black and Fire Orange in appropriate places to smooth up some transitions. Then I cleaned up the base, including the play of light and shadow on the ground.




I plan to do a bit more cleanup on transitions and the like. Anything else that stands out to anyone?

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I am incredibly amazed at the top view. I want to see a Vignette out of that, so hard it hurts.


I am not seeing much of the cuirass but the different between the skin, the cloak and the helmet in terms of reflectivity is there, and I like a lot.


Only comment I have is that I think about halfway down the beard, the light is too strong... but we usually make OSL too strong anyway. I would actually tone it down about that distance, starting to recover more midtone and keeping only orange-yellow in smaller areas of OSL highlight unless it is a metal. I also think the "rings" holding the beard together would look great with tight and sharp highlights of OSL as if they were metallic.


And as an experiment, I would do some edge highlighting with pure White on the wand to see if you like it... it give it more Oomph when compared to the helmet and hand (it already looks great anyway).

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