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Alright. I am set up to paint at my temp location. I haven't done any work yet. Just took out the mini. I guess I did reglue the sword I had pinned since it came loose in travels due to poor placement in my case. I am posting this as a starting point and then making dinner. I plan to put some work in on him this evening. Anyway, here are two pics. One of the paint station (I fit all of my paints in that tool box!) and one of the mini.



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please make sure you cover that writing desk... it looks like a nice antque amd it would be a sad day if it got paint on it.

While I would not call it antique, it is rather nice and I do not want to mess it up at all. I always paint on paper towels. I was planning to set my wet palette on a paper towel, my water cup on a paper towel and another paper towel for me to paint over.
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Not sure how this open/group thing works but I decided to join in and do a quick paint job. I got through most of that base coat tonight. What I haven't touched im not sure what colors to use.

I tried to do stepish by stepish photo of the progress.

Step one base coat all the thing in a reaper hd paint .

Step two- change all the colors! I grabbed a few colors used on the last few models from the wet pallet.





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