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Ok, I'll bite.  Kord has been sitting in my pile of minis to be disassembled for awhile, so this is as good of an excuse as any.  First off, for something completely different, I decided to start him off with "brown liner" but not anything made by Reaper.  I decided to make my own.




Interesting.  Next up is the skin, and time to try a new recipe. 




I think I'll bring some of the chest highlights down later, but for now its time to start the metal.  I decided that he was a Tin Age barbarian, mostly because I almost never use tin.




That's all for tonight.  Tomorrow it will be time to start on the leather.

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Alright, my phone died so no pics tonight, but I was able to get some time in on the hair(Red Hair Triad), some metal work (Blackened Steel) and the eyes (first four steps of the DKS method with Brown Liner and Linen White). 


One eye was basically a big hole, while the other ...well wasn't. In the end, the eyes seems kind of funky, but much better than black blobs like in the above pic.

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I decided to make the leather old and dry, using a formula that I had tried previously.  While it worked before, it doesn't read quite the same next to all the rich brown.  Given that looked slightly off, I went ahead and tried out some yellow ocher that I hadn't used much previously for the cloth.  Just to see how it would look I shaded it with sepia.  It's been brought back up to ocher, but hasn't been fully highlighted yet.  With that I started to break up the browns by making the pelt a blue-grey.




After cleaning a couple of things up I went with bone horns and made his low slung fanny pack black.  In order to keep with mostly earthy tones his hair is based with terracotta, and just so I didn't lose all of that brown that I had started with, I went ahead and used it for the ax handle and boot fur.




Hopefully he'll be finished off tomorrow.

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Got some more time to work on Kord this weekend. 


First session was pretty short:
post-9097-0-64708200-1405921561_thumb.jpg  post-9097-0-34447000-1405921562_thumb.jpg


Finished up the cloak where I had added some putty to smooth out the glue joint, and started work on the metals.  Leg armor done, and did some work on the helm.


Second session was mostly metals, and some more leather highlighting:

post-9097-0-16591000-1405921563_thumb.jpg  post-9097-0-90272900-1405921563_thumb.jpg


Other than weapons, and the wristguard on the axe hand (which I now realize I missed), I finished up the steels.  I did some gold on the belt and sword weapon handle.


I think I'm going to do something with olive green for the pouch thingie hanging in front.  I put some color on it to get a sense, and I think it will look good, although it looks more yellow in these lousy pictures than it does in person.


Nearing the home stretch on this guy.  Still to go: weapon shafts and blades, leather boots, pouch thingie, and probably another pass on a few leather bits.  I need to find some way to differentiate them, especially on the belt.  Suggestions welcome!


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Another painting session tonight, and Kord is about finished:


post-9097-0-17062800-1406355068_thumb.jpg  post-9097-0-17234800-1406355069_thumb.jpg


The NMM isn't my best work; I rushed a bit most than usual, but I was ready to be done with this guy.  I followed the sculpt on the boots; I'm not sure I'm all that thrilled with those results either.  They just look...odd.


For the base, I'm still leaning towards some snow flock, although I need to get some vegetation on it too.  I've got a test base set aside to experiment on, and hopefully I'll come up with something I like.


Next time this guy makes an appearance will be in Show Off!



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