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Want to get into warlord

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Unfortunately, the two game stores I can think of that I know are close to you, Game Kastle in Santa Clara, and Legends in Cupertino, are pretty much slaves to GW. I doubt you'd ever get Game Kastle to pick up a game of Warlord (Magic and the occasional game of D&D are probably the best you can hope for from those guys). However, the manager at Legends was asking random people (such as myself) whether they'd be interested in starting other games for demo purposes, about a year or so ago. He was trying to get more Pathfinder and Warmahordes going in the store, so he might be open to Warlord as a suggestion. They have a lot of gaming space they are not using. Note, though, that they used to stock a good amount of Reaper, but haven't for awhile.


D&J hobbies in... Los Gatos? San Jose? (right around there) used to demo all kinds of games, I think in including Warlord. They used to have a huge selection, and they were still stocking lots of Reaper last time I was there. But they have gone more of the RC car hobby route and fired their best gaming employees. They recently moved and I haven't seen the new digs yet. But you could give them a shot.

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