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I love Werners stuff. The greens look great.


Check out his site:



Well ladies, the January Freebooter release is a male fairy. :rock:

You can see it in the 'News' section.


Also look at the gallery, some new paint jobs. Alex Glocka painted up Raven and did an amazing job. Jen Haley painted the pirate girl - it's so nice I seriously want to cry.


*Note to self - party less, practice painting more*

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AAAHHHHH, GGGGRRR, MMMMBBBAAAAAA. Can not speak, must look away... Breath gone... losing control of bladder... MUST LOOK AWAY!


SK, resident Klocke junkie

SK dude, you ain't the only Klocke junkie here, now all we need is liquid Klocke we can pump right into our systems ummm...family forum.... I mean paints, yes paints, Liquid Klocke for paints....goes back to staring at War and Plague

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