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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter


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Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/184938819/miniature-ice-age-mammal-adventure-set


The Ice Age Mammals Project will produce a set of Ice Age Mammal miniatures for dungeon-crawling, RPGs and 28mm tabletop wargames.












Pledge levels:

$15 = 1 mini from the set

$20 = Sabertooth Tiger T-shirt

$25 = 2 minis from the set

$30 = 3 minis

$60 = 5 minis

$80 = 8 minis (retail price of $140) [1000 limit]

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I think only the mammoth is anywhere near done, and it doesn't look too cartoony to me. The sabertooth though needs severe work done cause it looks like an oversized rat. I put in for the 80 considering the size of these beasties (about space marines rhino sized) seems like a good enough deal. Though I will likely drop out if it hasnt gotten as far as I'd like.

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Looking at that uintathere more closely, it is disturbingly perfectly symmetrical.


It looks like the artist modeled one half, but left just a touch too much width on the face (as sometimes happens when you paint or model what's supposed to be half of something). The wrinkles on its snout got smoothed out and stylized from the sketch design and look like multiple lips, which adds to the impression that the face was stretched horizontally.


Also the eyes are too high on the skull.


This isn't going to satisfy anatomical perfectionists, I'm afraid.

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I flagged it to watch but definitely based on the samples these figures would not look "right" next to a lot of lines. Some of the chibi miniature games maybe, or perhaps Myth, but they would be totally out of place otherwise.

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The sabertooth looks perfectly symmetrical too.


And both it and the uintathere -- the sabertooth moreso -- have these weird dual shoulder bumps along their backs which aren't there in the concept art. They have big dips along their spines between their mounded up shoulders.

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Ehhh. No cartoony for me. Although I'm interested; I have yet to see a decent 28mm dinohyus, and ever since I saw this one at the Denver Museum, I kind of want one.
i-97ab3d0bdc5523d245f4bcd206d44f46-entel...course, he looks a little cartoony, too. But you don't notice that when you're standing three feet from his face and thinking, "This thing could run me down and eat me like a Slim Jim, and probably wouldn't bother making sure I was decently dead first....."

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Let's be honest, creation and evolution had an awesome sense of humor.

Sure did, the Ice Age had some hilarious animals


I like Elasmotherium...if the sculpt turns out not too bad, I will be tempted

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