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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter


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Seems likey they would be better served if they completely finished at least one sculpt before going to the next. I'm no sculptor, so my comment has no basis in experience. Maybe it is faster to do the basic structure first for everything and then come back to do the detailing.


Or, maybe, they are rushing to "sculpt" everything by the end of September and are mentally separating the "detailing" for later.


Drawing a parallel to Agile software development, it's usually better to work in vertical slices so that you get a complete thing done before moving to the next. Shows stakeholders something so they can comment on it and provide suggestions for changes while something is still fresh. Also, if things get shutdown, something fully completed can be delivered.



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(There is some evidence that that initial burst of impressive artwork was spec work. Spec work is when artists supply artwork not for pay, but for a hope of shares in future profits. It is the bane of freelancers, but many companies ask for it and some artists are willing to give it a go.)


Yeah, I got in contact with one of the artists and in that case it was exactly so; he worked on one of the Kickstarters that got cancelled and so was never paid. Now this doesn't cast any particular shadow on ADW per se, it was simply part of the deal, but neither did it alleviate my concerns. Again, I have yet to see a single instance where there is clear evidence that ADW has actually had any expenses so far, which would support the notion that there is a company with some resources behind this thing.


Well according to sources there were always two people involved in the scams. I imagine the lovely person we met here previously and that often had altercations with backers is the one we don't get to speak to any more.


Are you sure? I'm leaning towards believing that this might be a one-man operation. I think the tone and style of the Scott Lantry posting here, the Lars posting on Kickstarter and the "part-timer" have been pretty similar. At least I know they have all used the argument that they are being harassed and trolled. The one thing that leaves a question mark is that FB page of Dina Andrews Walker. Not sure about that one.

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For some reason, it's a copy and paste of "the nastiest bits" from this article




The following link to CNN money and whatever the one after is would suggest an account hack (read into that what you will)

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@nocturne, I don't think so. See the following comment the intent is to insult DWM for his criticisms.


Basically what they're trying to say is


"Our sculpts are awesome works of art. See how critics give bad reviews to things that come to be considered masterpieces! Here's something you can put in your pie hole for what you pledged"


I'm not buying it.

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I wouldn't be surprised if they do claim to have been hacked though. When they got aggressive in their comments, and called out on it, they said it was a part timer and that they let him go. Though the nature and tone were the same as what was said here by their apparent Chairman [either that or they have two Scott Lantrys]

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